Monday, November 16, 2009

week number two

so, today will start the second week of no running in my workout plans. ugh. just as i was getting into it! and, it is funny, 'cause when you drop one out of the 3 out of training~ it just seems so monotonous! I was talking to a friend last night, who is an RMT that specializes in swelling, inflammation, and lymphatic drainage. and, we were laughing 'cause i told her the whole ankle story, and declared "ugh, stupid ankle." to which she responded: "yes, im sure. it's the ankle that is stupid."

gee, thanks Rach. ;)

but, taking these weeks off will allow it to heal better. and, so will those anti-inflam's that i am on. I am actually starting to be able to see the shape of my ankle bones again! I know that cankles are cool (if queen elizabeth has them, why can't I have them!?) but, its nice to know that my single cankle is disappearing. the thing about rest... well, it just generally is good for allowing the body to heal. hopefully I will still be able to do a 5km santa shuffle on Dec 5th...

Yesterday, after my bike in the evening, i wrote the following: I don't know why one workout seems so much easier then the next, day to day. Yesterday, 1hr bike: seemed like forever, and I couldn't wait to get off.. HRs seemed high, and sweating like i just jumped out of a pool soaking wet.

today: FANTASTIC. was not bored (maybe it was the "planet earth" video playing on my computer (nothing like a cheeta chasing down prey to motivate you...) or what, but i felt like i could go forever, and the HRs were low... 148, 152, 152, 148, 154, 151. (ps... have i mentioned that it is really hard to get acccurate carotid pulses while you are sitting on a bike? i find like my ability to count goes down the drain! can't wait to get the HRM back... my shop in vancouver is going to be taking care of it.)

but, really... what *is* it that makes day to day workouts sometimes feel so different!?

on saturday, I was talking to my mum about the races I want to do this year. I am thinking two 1/2 iron distances. Do i want specifically labeled "i-dot" races? i don't know. There *is* some odd appeal to them, but, i can't quite identify what they are. as of right now, I am thinking mooseman, and muskoka. I just need enough money on my creditcard to be able to register ;)

this week looks like it is going to be less busy than last week. I am starting off on a good foot, with a productive weekend that just past. end of term writing assignments are starting to pile up, but, that's okay. cause, I still have time. And, the end of this week has things to look forward to: end of year celebration/recognition dinner for rowing, and a contemplative 1 day conference at YWAM montreal.

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