Thursday, November 5, 2009

videos are stupid, and triathletes are weird...

first off, I think that I am going to take off my RSS feed to facebook... I have too many people who have access to my profile, and if you want to read my blog, you should read my blog. So, all you facebook followers, cruise on over to my blog at and, then bookmark it, if you are interested.

I have been really frustrated with youtube in the last day and a half~ I have wanted to upload a hilarious video, and i can't. it keeps giving me error messages. I have no idea, and I am not techy like that, so I don't know how to fix it. But, as soon as I do, get ready to laugh.

yesterday, when I was sitting on my bike, i made a funny realization. i have frequently made fun of Triathletes... the gear heads they are, the funny clothes they wear (can we say arm warmers with a sleeveless jersey!?), the ridiculous length races they do, the obscene time of day they wake up at, and, in general: the strange strange habits.

Every since I participated in my first race, back in squamish in july 2008, I have had a hard time calling myself a triathlete. I tend to consider myself a person who does triathlons. is there a difference?! perhaps... but, now i have a 70.3 under my belt, 4 olympic distance tris, and even a coach that I pay. so... maybe i am a triathlete. anyway, as i was sitting on my bike, i realized that i had taken it inside~ that i was sitting on a trainer, in my room, staring at a wall, sweating on my floor, and realizing that i am one of those people that I make fun of.

but, what is life, if you cannot make fun of yourself?!
it is nothing, my friends.
take a look at yourself today, and have a laugh. it's good for you.

master's yesterday at mcgill was amazing. soooo nice to be back in the pool... :D

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