Saturday, November 7, 2009

wanderin' free..

wish i could be... part of that world...

so, i have a new look. it is sunshiney, and it has a bike. but, it lost all my web connections, which i am slightly annoyed with. argh! if you know that I read your blog, please make a comment, so I can reconnect with you!

so, it has seemed, that recently, a theme in my life has been one of surrender, freedom, and trust. a friend of mine, that i have not seen in a long time, but holds a special place in my heart reminded me of surrender, and it was definitely not a long way off of a conversation that I had recently with a different friend of mine...
and, i know that in times of transition, those qualities are perhaps the most important things to remember... "make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love."

yeah. good advice.

today went *totally* different than planned. I had nothing planned. maybe a coffee. maybe lots of homework to do. but definitely grocery shopping. and, definitely picking up a 5$ mini shelving unit that I found on craigslist. and, bike for an hour. and all of those things happened.
i woke up, caught up on long awaited emails, and eventually headed out to "coffee" at a cafe that I had written down as a place to try. so, bring my computer with plans to do work.

in the heart of little italy, was it a cafe? yes. was there anywhere to sit and do work... no! i walked in, and there were walls of beans, and shelves of coffee makers, and italians standing at a counter drinking espresso, and the smell of heaven. i mean, the smell of fresh ground beans. that was it. i ended up leaving with a free espresso, a new french press, and 1/2 a kilo of a magic blend of beans! HA!

walk my way down the street, with intention of heading to Marche Jean-Talon get distracted by a small Vietnamese resturant. 13$ later, and filled with steamed curry veggies and tofu, i walk again to the market.

i walked in, and... it was like I had just walked into the man of my dreams. my heart fluttered, my breath picked up, and i couldn't find words. I had to phone donna. was it true? does food have the same effect on me as attractive men?!?! shocking! ha! spent the next 2 hours there buying fresh veggies from local farmers, and fruit in baskets, and fish from vendors who think that sustainable fishery lists are lies, and organic local dairy products. sigh... amazing. and, now, some of those things are cooking in my oven, and that is why I am writing, cause when i leave the kitchen with veggies roasting, I often forget about them, and they get too crispy.

but, markets. what an amazing way to spend an afternoon. I spent more money today than expected. esp with the french press. but, it was such a wonderful day. filled with colours, and smells, and interactions with lovely people, and reminders of the beautiful things in life.

and, it is days like this (oh, i also did the other things as well... and, ps, can we just mention that if you are sitting in your room biking, and going nowhere, it passes wayyyyy faster if you have something to watch!? thank you CBC shows online!) that remind me that despite the difficulty of surrender, and the difficulty of trust, we have to sit on the small jewels of life. because those moments are made for you and me.


Megan said...

Love that you're updating so much lately. It's so nice to hear your words. :)

noumbrellas said...

"remember that weight lifting off of your chest & realizing that it's not up to you, and it never was" (sara groves)... love you! praying for a week of sweet surrender for you :)