Sunday, November 29, 2009

week ahead

can I say, that i am excited for the upcoming week!? and, i don't know why i am still awake?

tomorrow, U2 tickets go on sale. at noon. that equals nerve racking. i hope hope hope i can get a ticket!!!! eeeeee. I so remember this whole thing in senior year, when I bought 6 tickets while sitting in the library with zach and i at computers and refreshing, refreshing, refreshing.

exciting training week ahead... after about a month of doing a lot of "brick laying" and no running, we are starting to mix it up a bit more. some functional strength, and adding in running again. Yay! perhaps, a 5km running race on saturday?! hopefully. we will see how the running goes on the ankle. but, santa shuffle?! here i come! (hopefully).

today I wrote a somewhat strange facebook message to someone. I hope i get a response. cause it would be pretty dang funny.

last week of classes. that means less stress for time related items, and increasing doom of exam period.

phew... tell me again why i am still awake at 10:30pm? it might be my excitement....

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