Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

So, I am in atlanta, bringing in the new year :)

I have been on holiday's in the florida keys, and therefore, MIA. but, have been loving it. Will update soon, with photos as well!

I hope all of you had a great holiday season!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

race schedule

so, starting to think of events for 2009. these are a few of them. it will continue to be added too, me thinks.

Vancouver 1st half. Sunday, Febuary 15th. entry is full, but i have heard that people sell their entry slots. will try to get one. if not, then i will default to the historic 1/2 in Langley, on the same day.

UBC Triathlon, Olympic Distance. March 8th.

New Orleans 70.3. April 5th. WOOOOOOTTTTT!

Vancouver Sun Run. April 19th. 10km :)

Ride to conquer Cancer. June 19th-21st, Vancouver to Seattle.

Ragbrai 2009. July 19th-21st. Iowa. maybe? it might be a good chance for me to get out there this year!

christmas beauties

so, on saturday night, i went to our christmas party for work. try putting fitness professionals into high heels, on a boat through false creek, wearing dresses. add snow and wine and too much food. this is what you get.

me and my roommate, erika.
the mandatory by the christmas wreath photo!

me and hot mama, joanna, and her baby in her belly....

The girls from the front desk, and their favourite trainer!
This was the first time that carolyn (in the middle) has ever seen snow. she is from Perth. and, i made her walk outside in tiny little heels.

can't forget riding african style with too many people in a car! joanna drove. we made the pregnant lady drive in the snow. safety first ;)

and, two photos from being up all night long in seattle, with Sam and Gretchen. I was pretty stoked to see them, and am more impressed that after only getting about 5 hours sleep in the 48 hrs previous to this, we do not look so bad! friends, let's do that again sometime :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas spirit

so, reasons i am happy today:
  • there is snow on the north shore mountains. finally!!!!
  • a client gave me 10 pounds of frozen blueberries.
  • i have a fancy boat party tonight, courtesy of body and soul. and, i have a smokin' hot dress.
  • there are so many people out there right now driving around with christmas trees on the tops of their cars. I almost bought one today, and biked with it attached to my backpack. but, i wasn't sure that would be safe.
  • i got amazing christmas cards in the mail yesterday to send out to friends. Petara Panabaker has amazing art. i highly suggest you order some.
  • i got, from my aunt, a recipe for my granny's shortbread cookies. I don't think that i have had some of those since before she died, about 5 years ago. they are amazing!!! :)
    1 pound butter
    1/2 cup white suger (berry sugar is you have it), 1/2 cup brown sugar, well packed
    4 cups of flour
    pinch of salt
    roll out, cut, cook 20 minutes @ 300 degrees F.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

when your waterproofs don't even keep you dry...

that was today. my day, thus far: wake up 6:30. school work and breakfast. depart 8:15, on bike, with "sports rain jacket" (from my WVU rowing days), and one pair of long spandex underneath capri-length cannondale cycling bib short things, wool socks, wool short sleeve, polyester long sleeve, and "waterproof" cycling gloves. go to a doctor's appt, 8:45. go to coffee with erik, 9:15. gracefully accept a pair of cycling booties. go on bike ride, 10:30ish. return home, 11:45, and run into shower. eat lunch. do school work (or, blog!).

now, here in vancouver, we get rain in the winter.

and, when i say rain, i mean that a low pressure front places itself directly above the city, and remains there until about april or may. however, luckly enough though, we have not had a lot of rain this fall.

there have been damp rides, but not soaking rides. today, though, i was reminded of what it is going to be to train through the winter. Today, i thought "hmmmm, maybe fenders are a good idea." today was a day that the bike does not get dirty, because it is like it has just been through a carwash, and is sparkly clean from the rain and water on the streets. today is a day when you forget to hydrate while riding, because it seems sufficient just to lick your lips from the water dripping down your face, or stick out your tounge, and catch raindrops. today is a day where i know that i wouldn't do this, unless i loved it. i love it. and, even though i felt like a cat that was just tossed into a bathtub, i was not cold, nor was i upset (even though i had a grimice on my face the whole time... i think that is just a reflection of the water hitting it!). it was kinda fun. except when you get that car that drives through a puddle, just beside you. that, i don't like.

strange things that have happened to me this past weekend....

  • i went to seattle, to stay up all night long with my friends' Sam and Gretchen. They were on thier way from alaska, to hawaii. so, i rented a car. within 3 hours of renting the car, i got a parking ticket, directly outside of my work... not because i was illegally parked. but, because i was in a two hour parking zone. i had been there approx. 2 hours, 15 mintues. i ran out and the conversation went like this: "i have not been parked here more than 2 hours." "yes you have." "no i haven't, i moved the car." "no you didn't, we chalked your tires." "sure i did [big lie, i hadn't], i got in the car, drove it around the block, and parked it again." "it doesn't work that way." "arrrrrghhhhh." can i blame anyone other than myself? of course not. and, it was only 30$. but, really. they *never* come to that park of the block. and, of course it would be a carless one who gets a parking ticket.
  • i think the customs officer was hitting on me. i should have told him that we should go out for coffee, 'cause he could have asked more questions there. it was strange. i didn't even have my bike with me, but he kept on with questions such as "what type of bike to you have? do you have it with you? why not? who's car is this? why are you renting a car? if you don't own one, why not?" blah blah blah. but, it was pretty funny, because it seemed like we were both trying to out wit eachother, by asking and responding quicker than the other.
  • upon my return, running a little late, i got caught up in the "Santa parade." and, im not going to lie. the longer i was caught up with it (there were apparently 300 000 ppl there!), the more i felt like i was being a christmas stooge. sighhhh. i got downtown at 1pm. I arrived home at 3:45. it normally takes me 30 minutes to get home on the bus. not on sunday!
  • saw "Rachel getting married." it was funny, cause it wasnt funny. but, quite good, none the less. i like it that no family is normal.
  • i found out that my mum likes to refer to me as "my daughter who does many things including these extraordinary long races" that just makes me laugh. extraordinary long races :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

our canadian politics :)

Dear neighbour, about what's going on in Canada

as well, i would like to introduce you to the personality in the world that has the ability to stop all people, dead in their tracks. for real. no one will move, no one will approach. i know this, because, i encountered it tonight [which is not the first time i have encountered one recently]. i was not attacked. but, that is because i did not approach. can't they just migrate, or hibernate or something?


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas boxes

So, my church (which is conveniently situated in the downtown eastside) is putting together christmas boxes for residents of the community/our neighbours. I am hoping to get together a few (and, when i say a few, i mean lots) of boxes to donate to this drive. As you know, i love the downtown eastside, and think that there are phenomenal people there, many of whom need our help. So, here are a few of the items that are suggested for the shoeboxes...

pack of cigarettes with a lighter scotch-taped ot it= nirvana!
two ensure (or other brand) of protein/meal replacement shakes
Gift card (10$) including places like:
  • Tim HOrtons (the favourite!)
  • McDonalds
  • 7/11 stores
  • Starbucks
  • A&W
  • Army and Navy
Phone Cards (10$) for family calls
Two granola bars (favourite is Nature Valley Sweet and Salty bars)
a new paperback novel
thermal gloves (avail at Army and Navy). Cost about 5$ but are very warm: they look small, but expand to fit most hands
wollen hats.

please no products like mouthwash or aftershave that contain alcohol...

let me know if you want to help!!! :) also, if you want to forward this to your friends, that would be great. Give me a message if you want more information :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

better to have loved, and lost?

Today, i wrote a facebook message to someone who i have not spoken to in 5 Years. wasn't sure if it was going to be welcome... probably will not be. but, anyhow. it said this:

I know that this message will probably be unexpected, and a bit of a surprise... and, i don't really know how it will be taken. Nevertheless, I'm not so much in the business these days wanting to do something, then overanalyzing what will come of it, and therefore, not doing it. so, facebook message it is.

I hope that you and (.insert name here.) are doing fantastic... that life, marriage and adventures are treating you well. The other day i realized that i remember that your birthday is coming up in the beginning of December, so i looked you up on facebook. I don't actually remember when it is (or even what you are turning... 23, 24?!?!)... but *Happy Birthday!* May you continue to find your trail, with growth and abundant blessings in this next year. :Cheers:


and, in all honesty i am not going to be caught up on if i get a response or not. 'cause it is not worth the head time [i wonder if it was even worth the 30 seconds to write the message?], nor was it a message to "get back in contact." nonetheless. It is done, and how it is handled is not my business :) It would be nice to have a hello, though. And, i all i hope is that it was taken well, and it was seen as a kind gesture.

new week, new goals

so, i have been sleeping kinda funny recently. sometimes, i experience "restless leg syndrome," or, at least that is what i think it is. It has not happened for about 4 months or so, but in the last couple nights, it has happened again. i hate it. it keeps me awake when i want to sleep... you would think that since my legs are moving enough during the day, that they would want to stop moving for the 8 hours that i am in bed... sigh.

so, goal #1 for this week: make sure that I am in bed by 10:15 every night, and closing my eyes by 10:30.

I have been eating more and more "primal" recently, and I feel great. I love it, and i feel healthy, and am getting leaner (this weekend, i noticed nice little dimples on my stomach. not fat dimples, but definition dimples... wooT!). however, i have found (especially in this last week), that i am prone to (for lack of a better word) binge eating. thursday was ridiculous. it consisted of thinking about ice cream all day long, until 3pm, when i ate pie and icecream, and it was later followed by brownies and icecream and chocolate covered espresso beans. yes, i did feel a little unwell, and no, i am not in the habit of "regretting anything i eat." i loved it, and i would probably do it again... which is the problem. saturday night/ sunday was better, but not great. so, i am back on the bandwagon today. i made myself a curry-potato lentil soup for lunches this week, which i am pretty excited about. but, i gotta learn to control the binges.

so, that leads to goal #2: no binge eating, and only one cup of coffee a day. if i feel like i want a warm drink in the afternoon, to drink tea. continue to be conscienctious about limiting my sweets intake, and my grains intake.

meanwhile. i am lusting after bikes. i think i have narrowed it down to two that i would really really like to have... now it will depend on the ride, how it feels, and also (of course) if i can logistically afford it. Anyone what to contribute to the fund as a christmas gift?! (ahem. mum? dad?)