Monday, December 1, 2008

better to have loved, and lost?

Today, i wrote a facebook message to someone who i have not spoken to in 5 Years. wasn't sure if it was going to be welcome... probably will not be. but, anyhow. it said this:

I know that this message will probably be unexpected, and a bit of a surprise... and, i don't really know how it will be taken. Nevertheless, I'm not so much in the business these days wanting to do something, then overanalyzing what will come of it, and therefore, not doing it. so, facebook message it is.

I hope that you and (.insert name here.) are doing fantastic... that life, marriage and adventures are treating you well. The other day i realized that i remember that your birthday is coming up in the beginning of December, so i looked you up on facebook. I don't actually remember when it is (or even what you are turning... 23, 24?!?!)... but *Happy Birthday!* May you continue to find your trail, with growth and abundant blessings in this next year. :Cheers:


and, in all honesty i am not going to be caught up on if i get a response or not. 'cause it is not worth the head time [i wonder if it was even worth the 30 seconds to write the message?], nor was it a message to "get back in contact." nonetheless. It is done, and how it is handled is not my business :) It would be nice to have a hello, though. And, i all i hope is that it was taken well, and it was seen as a kind gesture.

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