Monday, December 1, 2008

new week, new goals

so, i have been sleeping kinda funny recently. sometimes, i experience "restless leg syndrome," or, at least that is what i think it is. It has not happened for about 4 months or so, but in the last couple nights, it has happened again. i hate it. it keeps me awake when i want to sleep... you would think that since my legs are moving enough during the day, that they would want to stop moving for the 8 hours that i am in bed... sigh.

so, goal #1 for this week: make sure that I am in bed by 10:15 every night, and closing my eyes by 10:30.

I have been eating more and more "primal" recently, and I feel great. I love it, and i feel healthy, and am getting leaner (this weekend, i noticed nice little dimples on my stomach. not fat dimples, but definition dimples... wooT!). however, i have found (especially in this last week), that i am prone to (for lack of a better word) binge eating. thursday was ridiculous. it consisted of thinking about ice cream all day long, until 3pm, when i ate pie and icecream, and it was later followed by brownies and icecream and chocolate covered espresso beans. yes, i did feel a little unwell, and no, i am not in the habit of "regretting anything i eat." i loved it, and i would probably do it again... which is the problem. saturday night/ sunday was better, but not great. so, i am back on the bandwagon today. i made myself a curry-potato lentil soup for lunches this week, which i am pretty excited about. but, i gotta learn to control the binges.

so, that leads to goal #2: no binge eating, and only one cup of coffee a day. if i feel like i want a warm drink in the afternoon, to drink tea. continue to be conscienctious about limiting my sweets intake, and my grains intake.

meanwhile. i am lusting after bikes. i think i have narrowed it down to two that i would really really like to have... now it will depend on the ride, how it feels, and also (of course) if i can logistically afford it. Anyone what to contribute to the fund as a christmas gift?! (ahem. mum? dad?)

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Jay said...

Either bike will be great. Just make sure you are getting it from a shop you trust and you can work for. Talk to and get to know the mechanics. If they are full of bull and or use the brute force method of tuning, you will know in short order. Wheels and gears are the first critical areas and then fit.
Enjoy ... Rubber side down and no Arte Johnson's..
Mr. C.