Tuesday, December 9, 2008

when your waterproofs don't even keep you dry...

that was today. my day, thus far: wake up 6:30. school work and breakfast. depart 8:15, on bike, with "sports rain jacket" (from my WVU rowing days), and one pair of long spandex underneath capri-length cannondale cycling bib short things, wool socks, wool short sleeve, polyester long sleeve, and "waterproof" cycling gloves. go to a doctor's appt, 8:45. go to coffee with erik, 9:15. gracefully accept a pair of cycling booties. go on bike ride, 10:30ish. return home, 11:45, and run into shower. eat lunch. do school work (or, blog!).

now, here in vancouver, we get rain in the winter.

and, when i say rain, i mean that a low pressure front places itself directly above the city, and remains there until about april or may. however, luckly enough though, we have not had a lot of rain this fall.

there have been damp rides, but not soaking rides. today, though, i was reminded of what it is going to be to train through the winter. Today, i thought "hmmmm, maybe fenders are a good idea." today was a day that the bike does not get dirty, because it is like it has just been through a carwash, and is sparkly clean from the rain and water on the streets. today is a day when you forget to hydrate while riding, because it seems sufficient just to lick your lips from the water dripping down your face, or stick out your tounge, and catch raindrops. today is a day where i know that i wouldn't do this, unless i loved it. i love it. and, even though i felt like a cat that was just tossed into a bathtub, i was not cold, nor was i upset (even though i had a grimice on my face the whole time... i think that is just a reflection of the water hitting it!). it was kinda fun. except when you get that car that drives through a puddle, just beside you. that, i don't like.

strange things that have happened to me this past weekend....

  • i went to seattle, to stay up all night long with my friends' Sam and Gretchen. They were on thier way from alaska, to hawaii. so, i rented a car. within 3 hours of renting the car, i got a parking ticket, directly outside of my work... not because i was illegally parked. but, because i was in a two hour parking zone. i had been there approx. 2 hours, 15 mintues. i ran out and the conversation went like this: "i have not been parked here more than 2 hours." "yes you have." "no i haven't, i moved the car." "no you didn't, we chalked your tires." "sure i did [big lie, i hadn't], i got in the car, drove it around the block, and parked it again." "it doesn't work that way." "arrrrrghhhhh." can i blame anyone other than myself? of course not. and, it was only 30$. but, really. they *never* come to that park of the block. and, of course it would be a carless one who gets a parking ticket.
  • i think the customs officer was hitting on me. i should have told him that we should go out for coffee, 'cause he could have asked more questions there. it was strange. i didn't even have my bike with me, but he kept on with questions such as "what type of bike to you have? do you have it with you? why not? who's car is this? why are you renting a car? if you don't own one, why not?" blah blah blah. but, it was pretty funny, because it seemed like we were both trying to out wit eachother, by asking and responding quicker than the other.
  • upon my return, running a little late, i got caught up in the "Santa parade." and, im not going to lie. the longer i was caught up with it (there were apparently 300 000 ppl there!), the more i felt like i was being a christmas stooge. sighhhh. i got downtown at 1pm. I arrived home at 3:45. it normally takes me 30 minutes to get home on the bus. not on sunday!
  • saw "Rachel getting married." it was funny, cause it wasnt funny. but, quite good, none the less. i like it that no family is normal.
  • i found out that my mum likes to refer to me as "my daughter who does many things including these extraordinary long races" that just makes me laugh. extraordinary long races :)

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Bonnieupnorth said...

You have just confirmed why I am not moving to Vancouver....will put up with shovelling snow in contrast to drenching rain....and well they are not SHORT races!