Thursday, December 4, 2008

our canadian politics :)

Dear neighbour, about what's going on in Canada

as well, i would like to introduce you to the personality in the world that has the ability to stop all people, dead in their tracks. for real. no one will move, no one will approach. i know this, because, i encountered it tonight [which is not the first time i have encountered one recently]. i was not attacked. but, that is because i did not approach. can't they just migrate, or hibernate or something?



Bonnieupnorth said...

Oh aren't we good at stealing each other's blog stuff :)What killed me about the political column was the number of comments that thought he was serious...if we can't laugh at ourselves in the midst of this. You better believe that facebook has had some maniacal (sp ) debates and I made the mistake of getting into a discussion with Auntie Maureen with our divergent political perspectives.
Hope you have a great weekend sleeping in the Seattle airport! BTW another letter came from TWU, dogs almost ate it but is forwarded. XOX

Megan said...

You're absolutely right. It is not what I really wanted. But it was a "safe" option and one that I did not hate. The thing I've always wanted does not seem so practical and safe...especially as I watch job after job being cut in my dream field. I'd like to feel that my future is secure...I think that's what I'd like....