Monday, November 3, 2008

running in the dark

so, yesterday, i did this run in the dark. and, it was fantastic.

the funniest bit about it was when i was in stanley park, approaching lost lagoon, and all of a sudden, i see some white stripes coming towards me. alas, it was not the somewhat well known band, but rather a multitude of skunks. and, im saying, not one or two. i think i spotted at least 6 of the critters. let's just say that my pace picked up a bit at that point. 'cause, i wouldn't have been able to go home on the bus. and, if i even made it home, i doubt Erika (my roommate) would have let me in the house. that is right. i would have had to sleep in the garage, or in the jeep that is not being used. i would have been homeless.

the run was serene. the run contained vancouver night time lights of downtown, and a slit of a moon over the water. the run went by swans on lost lagoon. the run felt strong. the run was not mentally exhausting. the run went by lovers in the park, reminding me of how wonderful love is. the run ended with me on a bus, traveling home in spandex over long-johns, and tall-ish shorts (resulting in funny looks!). the run included times of adrenaline, when it was so dark that i could hardly make out the path in front of me.

i am really happy with how i am doing with running... mentally, things have been going fairly well. I am taking a much more relaxed view to it, but also making sure that i am "forcing" myself to do it, so that i am building mental toughness. and, it has gone well... I am for sure going to race a 1/2 marathon on Nov 16th. and, i am excited for it. it was runs like the one on sunday that made aspire for big things in my life. things like longer races, or opening businesses, or being in touch with friends, and remembering that no one else in life can make us feel good about ourselves, except for us as individuals.

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