Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Classic Half-marathon race report.

so, half marathoning has come, and gone. I raced this morning, and, i am not going to lie. it was fantastic. tremendous. just challenging enough, but not wrecking. fresh. filled with good solid energy. great food at the end. a great way to realize the fall goal of "not hating running" was achieved. fun.

(i would like to make note that i have never done a 70.3 triathlon. this shirt is a bit of a lie. i did the relay on this one. so, i got a shirt, cause we paid the entry fee ;) )

i think the text message that i sent to my friends this morning to have them send me good leg energy helped. :) long and strong. long and strong. we used to say that with rowing, and yet it is so applicable with running as well. keep those legs moving long and strong. as well, in rowing, during my last year, our coxswain (Laura) gave each of us in the V8+ a specific word that she would say to us. mine was "relentless." i have kept that little piece of paper stuck on my tack board ever since. and, i thought about that this morning. what a strong word. an empowering word.

the weather was perfect, and i enjoyed the course. mostly flat, with some small, rolling steady inclines and declines. the weather a perfect, slightly overcast approximently 10-13 degrees C. cold enough to not overheat, warm enough to be in shorts and a t-shirt. i even got to see parts of my university campus that i have never seen before!!! i think that i didn't warm up much, but not sure if it really mattered all that much....

The results are not up yet, but i know that I ran a personal best. the clock time was about 1:47, and i started about mid-pack, so i am guesstimating about a 1:46... approx 8 minutes faster than the only other one i have done, a year and a half ago. I did not walk at all, except 10 steps through each of the water zones. and, also, the fact that i felt lighter. leaner. was pretty nice too. today, i felt like i could take on the world. today, i did not question if i have bitten off too much with entering a 70.3. today, it was nice to see people with the ironman tattoo. oh those ironmen and women... i think that they are pretty remarkable creatures.

a funny thing of note was when i tried to make a joke to another runner when the lead pack went by on the out and back part of the race. there was one leader, and a chase of about 10 runners. of that 10 runners, i would say that 6 of them were not white. so, i said "hum. looks like to win races like this, we need to change our ethnicity. ha ha!" apparently, the lady didn't think it was all that funny. she responded with a dry: "or maybe we just need to train as hard as they do."

coy. very coy. apparently, when people are running 1/2 marathons, the sense of humour goes down the drain ;)

and, today, there was a quote on the back of a runner's shirt that made me say "hummmm. i like that." something that gave me a little to think about during the run. it said something to the effect of:

you know who you are. and you know what you are capable of.

oookay, here are some numbers.  chip time was 1:46.33 (5:o4/km split).  Clock time 1:47:09.  Overall rank: 151/929.   female rank: 86/507.    women 20-29 rank:34/153.   

i just hope that thought continues to evolve in my life. i want to continue to discover who i am. i want to continue to know who i am right now. and, i want to continue to exapand on what i am capable of. and, lastly, i want to help other people do that. help them discover themselves, and realize that they are capable of more than they might think they are. :)


Anonymous said...

Amo, something VERY important!!! Apple fritters, or something of the like, are REQUIRED on race day after the race. This is essential to training!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your thoughts, I'm totally disappointed they didn't put it in the newsletter. Why the hell not? Absoluely awesome. catch ya saturday. Charlene