Thursday, November 13, 2008

fall classic run and nutrition...

So, all of a sudden it has creeped up on me... (is creeped a word!?!?)

that, on sunday, I am running a 1/2 marathon. it will be the second time that I have done a 1/2 in my life. the first one, was a mostly downhill run from the valley above the dead sea, to the lowest place on earth, for the Dead Sea Marathon in April 2007. Yeppers, the feet were burning by the end, and there were camels on the side of the road. yes, indeed, i travelled to Jordan (with one of my best friends, Zach), and ran a 1/2 marathon. It was amazing. this is at the carb loading party, and then at the pool post race :)

I went for a (approx 10km) run today.  I think the wind was blowing about 10 million km an hour, and it felt impossible to run. but, not only that, but my legs felt like bricks (the first 3km, my feet couldn't stop clumping on the pavement), and  they are sore (from what?!).  so ,the run turned into a walk-run.  mentally, that helped.  but strange.  i don't quite understand how one day, you can feel like a million bucks on a run, and then the next, you feel like crap.  anyway, it made me a little worried about sunday.  Needless to say, i think i will do a 20 minute "shuffle" tomorrow, and a spin ride on saturday.  just to keep the legs moving, but not strained.  

i am not sure i have a goal for this race. mostly, to go out, and to enjoy. enjoy the fall. enjoy that in the last couple weeks, i have not dreaded running.  enjoy that i can eat copious amounts of carbs on friday night, and all day saturday.  and, hopefully enjoy finishing below 2 hrs.  but, just for fun. cause, going "fast" is fun.  as of now, weather is meant to be 9 degrees C, and sunny.  so, pretty perfect. I just hope that it does not change.  

a couple of weeks ago, i mentioned that i was starting to watch my diet a little more.  mostly to just lean up, and be a faster racing machine.  and, it is going quite nicely.  Other than a sugar crash that happened on Halloween, and this past weekend, having a one or two too many desserts at my nieces birthday, it has been really good.  so, a few points about what i am doing recently: 
  • ordering from spud. that's right, folks.  I get organic, mostly local, groceries delivered to my door every thursday.  it is a little more expensive than a regular grocery store.  but, it makes me feel good.  not only about sustainable food sources, but also about the fact that it has drastically reduced my "Eating out" habit.  the reason being?  well, i have enough groceries in my fridge to last the week!  previously, because i commute on bike and bus, i often run out of food in my fridge, and it is a huge hassle to get some.  so, i resort to buying food in stores.  not so good
  • i am eating as "raw" as possible.  that includes ridiculously large amounts of veggies and fruits.  also, i am trying to predominately eat foods that include just one ingredient.  like nut.  or soybean. or milk. or egg. or tofu.  you get my drift.  
  • i am studying simon whitfield's eating habits ;)  thanks to impact magazine this month, simon mentioned mark's daily apple.  i have added it to my blog roll.  also, i am becoming a fan of Lara bars.  mostly because i understand what all the ingredients in each bar are.  
  • today, for the first time in my life, i made soup. it has potatoes, squash, carrots, onions, garlic, and spices in it.  and, it is yummy.  which, needless to say, kinda surprised me. 
  • trying to cut down on carbs such as muffins and baked goods. this is *Really* hard.  i love love love baked goods.
  • allow myself one day/meal/evening a week to "cheat." this normally includes a night out, or a meal with friends, or a nice dessert.  
 but needless to say, on the 21st of Oct, I was 173.5lbs.  yesterday, i was 170.  Maybe it is water.  or, maybe this is working! :)

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