Monday, January 26, 2015

Long January day

I'm having a bleh day.  

After an awesome week last week, and a good (albeit busy) weekend, I have been strucken with the blehs.  My chest is tight, and I am congested.  And boy, am I tired!  It's like my body looked at the upcoming recovery week and said "ok, time to quit."  I hate that.  I stayed home today, and it was a helpful day.  What sucks though, is knowing that there are a lot of priority things that are happening at work, wanting to be there to take care of them, and not feeling good enough to handle them properly.  The conundrum of work vs healing. 

So far, 2015 has been awesome.  If you are in Vancouver, you know that these past couple days have felt like April.  Can you believe that there are already green plants peeking out? Amazing.

This January had been filled with great things, and emotional things, and learning things. It has been filled with new things and consistent things.  Let me name a few of those.
- two weeks ago, I ran about 47 km during the week.  I think that may be my longest distance running week ever, expect for something with a race in it. That was empowering and awesome.
- last week, I trained a 15hr week. I was supposed to do 17 hours, but Saturday didn't workout as planned.  But still: 15hrs of quality work in January? That's good stuff.
- I've been learning lots as work.
- I was given a dura-ace crank for my cervelo.
-  the discounts that the #teambetty2015 athletes are getting are amazing!
- Sean and I had a great visit with my dad in Tacoma.  It was a replacement of a Christmas visit, and it may have been my fave weekend ever in Tacoma.  It also included a Seahawks come from behind win!
- it was my brother in law's 40th birthday.  We had amazing dinner.
- our good friends/rector and his family at St James, has moved back to Wales. It was a beautiful and melancholy last service that Mark led.  But it is so so so good for them, and so exciting!
- I have some exciting upcoming possibilities with work, and my fingers are crossed for good outcomes!

And, that's it for now.  Cause I'm sick and tired.  Goodnight, all!