Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall days

It's raining and it's the fall.  October apparently had the most frequent days in a row of rain that has ever happened.  Like, 28 of 31 days or something crazy like that.  Bleh. 

Let's talk about happy things! 
Once again, I am stoked to represent Betty Designs in 2017!  This team has been such a wonderful group to be a part of.  Not just amazing gear, but the friendships and fun.  I'm excited for new pursuits (hello, off road triathlon!) and for continuing to build my connection with this group of amazing women! 

I'm in a Friday night social league.  This sport is a whole lot of fun & perfect for the dreary nights.  Getting to know a different group of people in Squamish (ahem, the former mayor was my skip for a week), and learning something that requires a totally different set of skills than what I use in racing. 

My doggie.  She's the best and oh so hilarious. We are also nearing the one year anniversary of getting her first head lump removed, and she's still with us.  I'm grateful for that.

Also: interesting observation.  When we moved to Squamish, there was reportabley a dearth of Christians in the region.  However, odd thing is that we have come to realize that the majority of the people we are meeting here are Christians. Not the typical "brand" that we have traditionally known, but I'd say more Christians than who we were hanging out with in Vancouver.  So... We're still not chilling with Anglicans, or getting the Eucharist regularly, but I do think we can anticipate having a good Christian community around us.  I also think it will expose us to a community that we are not used to being in... Which is good. 

So, that's a quick update.