Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here comes the rain again...

so, i was in edmonton this past weekend.  and, as much as it was a fantastic weekend, it feels good to be home.  I got back into vancouver yesterday at about 4:45, and went directly to my friend Audrey's, where i then went out for an hour run, and then finished the night with a potluck dinner...  it was pouring rain.  i got soaking wet.  but, there was a strange feeling of being "home."  so, here comes the rain again.  and, i guess it is not going anywhere until at least march.  ;)

hopefully though, on sunday for the 1/2 marathon, the sun will come out for at least a while. 

some photos from the weekend.  briefly, i got to edmonton, drove directly to Calgary, slept over night, and then went caving the next day in Canmore.  not going to lie.  I am more of an "above ground" adventurer, but the girls (my niece Makayla, and her "foster sister" [for lack of a better word]) had a great time, experiencing things that totally expanded comfort levels.  Then, eventually went back to edmonton, and celebrated makayla's 13th birthday.  Saw 2 friends, my sister, and my mum.  it was go go go.  but, nice to wake up to fresh snow on tuesday morning. 

me: being silly.

me, and a life long friend, Christopher Gillen.  We have known each other since birth, but only get to see eachother once in a blue moon. 

In the cave.  Me, Makayla, and Katherine.

the group of us!

getting ready!  love the suits! 

me and Makayla.  love that girl to bits and pieces. 

3 Generations.  My mum, me, and Makayla.

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