Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christmas beauties

so, on saturday night, i went to our christmas party for work. try putting fitness professionals into high heels, on a boat through false creek, wearing dresses. add snow and wine and too much food. this is what you get.

me and my roommate, erika.
the mandatory by the christmas wreath photo!

me and hot mama, joanna, and her baby in her belly....

The girls from the front desk, and their favourite trainer!
This was the first time that carolyn (in the middle) has ever seen snow. she is from Perth. and, i made her walk outside in tiny little heels.

can't forget riding african style with too many people in a car! joanna drove. we made the pregnant lady drive in the snow. safety first ;)

and, two photos from being up all night long in seattle, with Sam and Gretchen. I was pretty stoked to see them, and am more impressed that after only getting about 5 hours sleep in the 48 hrs previous to this, we do not look so bad! friends, let's do that again sometime :)

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