Thursday, January 21, 2010


went running this morning. it was amazing. until i slipped on a slippery slope (say that 10 times fast!). and, no pain in the ankle directly after. but, the pain has grown.

quick taking of NSAIDS today. Clinic (hopefully) asap. have a tensor band on to stop the inflammation. not doing major foot pounding in next 4 days. at least. ice. rest. elevation. that is the menu for the weekend.

ugh. so frustrating.

p.s. i have an addendum to make to this, that I was thinking about while swimming. I remember the days that I was not afraid to get injured. because i had a wonderful group of athletic trainers to be (and a few professionals!) at my general disposal. oh the days of being a student athlete at a division 1 school. now, being injured is a lot more difficult. 'cause it costs money to go get professionals to help fix you. and, despite the fact that I pay for insurance that would help cover it, the up front cost is generally hard to afford. argh.

i am looking forward to this weekend, with a couple of things planned.
having people over for a potluck dinner tomorrow night. wooo! love potlucks! love friends.
planning on doing some snow activity on saturday. woooo! love the snow!
then, the never dull small anglican church and school work for sunday.

that is all for the day. pretty much. a few other things circulating in this brain of mine. but. again, those are for my brain.. not yours ;)

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