Monday, August 17, 2009

20 things i love about vancouver

so, in the event that I possibly might be leaving vancouver coming thursday, I thought that I might write a tribute...

the last 3 weeks have been amazing, and to have this time to savour Vancouver has been well appreciated.... this is in no particular order.

1) Cafe artigiano
2) riding my bike to horseshoe bay
3) the outdoor pool at UBC
5) The foundation
6) waking up to the snowcapped mountains.
7) the commercial drive/main st combo
8) the cinnamon buns at Solly's
9) St James Church
10)Pacific Multisport
11) waking up at 6am to do the grouse grind, and the view from the top

12) the sunset from lorcarno beach
13) the cherry blossoms in the spring
14) fresh seafood
15) being able to wake up at sea level in a city, drive 45 minutes, hike up a mountain and sit at the top of 2,319 m (the black tusk!), hike back, and return to sea level to go to a "siesta party" at swanky mansions in the evening (which is what I did on saturday! 33km round trip hike... which i still feel today!)
16) that little harbour ferry in false creek.

17) that we have beaches that are rocky, sandy, clothed, and clothing optional
18) the new bike lane on burrard st. bridge, especially the north end... well... the freedom that biking allows me in this city. and, all year long. and, riding out to iona beach, and eating at the flying beaver.
19) that there are oceans and mountains. in the same place.
20) my friends. my friends. my friends.


bananya said...

Amo, I really want to visit Vancouver someday now :) btw, it was rated top most comfortable city for living in the world (or smth like that) :)

Train-This said...

and I love the NOLA visor!