Monday, June 7, 2010

5 most important facts about me!

welcome to my site, all those who are google searching "mooseman 2010 race report." it is in the next post down. HOPE YOU HAD A SUCCESSFUL 70.3 or DUATHLON!

so, i was thinking the other day, for a variety of reasons. and, it essentially led into a mode of thought which stated "if i needed someone to know the most important things about me, what would those 5 points be?"

and, this is what I came up with. in no particular order.

the most important. so important that it doesn't have a number. because it is the route of all the other points.

My faith. My God.... defines who I am. And (almost) everything I do is because of his work in my life. he is my stability. my path to success. my ability. he is my north star.

onto the other points.

one: AFRICA. The continent that makes my heart beat. the place which holds my passion. I want to spend long amounts of time there, and dedicate my life to serving the people of that continent. Probably in west africa. probably by setting up a medical clinic.

two: as of right now, I spend most of my money (other than the school and rent and food) on traveling and racing. this means that i also dedicate a lot of my time to making those two things the best possible experiences. it also means that sometimes, i will put off spending money on somewhat more important things (like... say... clothing) in order to do those two things. i do this, becaues i love to race, and I love to travel.

three: I have a passion for the underpriviledged/marginalized of this world. and that also means that I feel way more comfortable being quite minimalist in my life. sometimes i get distracted by "stuff," but, when it comes down to the grind, I would rather live in a small space, with small amounts of stuff.

four: I live a very nomadic life. but, i feel the most at home (in canada) on the west coast, and in the mountains. I don't know yet, if for my time in Canada, I want to set roots in a city (i.e. vancouver) or in a rural mountain town. but, being a nomad also means that I have friends all over the world. and those friends are important to me. and, despite the fact that I may not see them (or you), or talk to them (or you) as frequently as we might like, it does not mean that I do not love you any less.

five: I have led a fairly dramatic life, with plenty of diverse experiences, which leaves me with a lot of history/"things" I deal with for a (almost) 27 year old.

and, because of all of these points, the people in my life must be able to support. keep up. not be afraid of my goals and ambitions.

so... i guess. that is me.

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