Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relationship Building

One of the things that I said to the boy that I like love, when I first started dating him was "Listen up, buddy.  I am flexible with a lot of things, but, one of those things is NOT living in Edmonton for the rest of my life.  I just will not do it.  SO, if you plan on this being a long-term relationship, you need to realize that you will have to eventually move out of this city."   That was 3 weeks in.

and, his response?  "Eh.  Ok.  I'm good with that.  I've just been looking for an excuse to move anyway."

but, all that being said, It means that I have spent the last two summers in this city.  And, I don't mind, because I get to be with him.  However, what I do mind, is the mosquitos.  They are so bad, they are covered by our national news.   and, of course, the local newspaper.  Swarmed by blood thirsty mosquitos. i hate that.

however, all that being said, the summer is not that bad in this city.

In the past 2 weeks, I have had 3 long rides in the Mountains.  2x in Canmore (one, granted, was a race), and once on Saturday outside of Fernie.  Here are some pics.

About to Get going!
Rode all the way to the Montana Border!
And... recovery meal of a milkshake and yam fries!

but, really, the greatest thing about spending the time in Edmonton, really being able to invest in my relationship with the boy i like love.  I mean, as you probably know, we have been dating since sometime between the beginning of may or the end of june of last year (yes, this is a dispute between us!).  In that 12-14 months, we have spent a total of about 14 weeks together... if you can do math (which, more often than not, I cannot) that is less than 4 months.  

Long distance relationships kinda suck.  But, honestly, I do think that our dating relationship, is really preparing us for our life together.  And, the reason being is that both of us (which is not a surprise to anyone who knows me) are willing to work abroad in our careers, for various amount of time.   Who knows where our Careers will lead us!??!  He has great opportunities that will be coming up.  As a nurse, I have a million possibilities!

Being together is GREAT.  but, it does take a lot of adjustments.  I think, especially for him.  For instance.  I am living in his spare bedroom, because my mum's house is under reno's.  Unlike myself, who has lived with roommates for my whole life, he has been all alone for the last couple years.  That takes adjustments.  I'm not leaving. Every morning, I will be there.  Shortly after he gets home from work, I will arrive back.  I will be using the washroom, and putting things in the wrong places in the kitchen.  

but, to me, what does relationship building look like?  it looks like having a date night every wednesday.  It looks like allowing each other to do the things we want to do alone.  It looks like reading a psalm together every night.  it looks like not watching TV, or being on the internet, during dinner.  it looks like taking the time to meet the other person's family and friends.  it means watching movies that would not necessarily be your first choice (ahem.  he even thrilled me by going to "Bridesmaids").  it means admitting when you screw up (ha!  i have done a lot of stupid things* in the last week). it looks like having conversations about god and life and who you would invite to a wedding and where you would have it.  

The more i get to know the boy i like love, the more i realize that he is so great for me.  i'm kinda glad i found him.  And, i am really fond of the fact that it was bicycles that brought us together.  that's kinda neat. 

* stupid things i have done this week:  
  • bought the wrong plane ticket, not once, but twice.  had to cancel both of them, and re-purchase them.
  • put chocolate on top of the toaster oven.  
  • drove away from my mountain bike ride with my helmet, brand new merino birthday bike jersey, and cycling gloves, on the top of the car.
  • said "Goodnight" to him as he was leaving the house at 7:30 in the morning, for work.  (i was still kinda sleeping, if that is an excuse.)

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