Monday, July 4, 2011

Racing Madness!

So, after a 1/2 ironman, and two olympic distance Events in less than a month, all I can say is.....PHEW!  my body hurts!    Honestly, I always say that I love racing so much more than training.  I mean, if there is not a goal at the end of the tunnel, why would we bother?  but honestly, at the end of the day, your body just says WHOA.  slow down there.

and, it is that time.  I have a rest week this week.  I might even skip my ever-loved outdoor pool master's class.  I  will only race another two races this season.  A 10km trail run in mid-July, and a 1/2 iron on the 21st of August.  Then, it will be off to my love.  Then, it will be off to Africa. There is so much to do between now and then.  Like the getting my eyeglasses.  And the dentist appointments.  and the doctor appointment (all this week). and the waiting for my new passport. and the applying for a Malawi Student Visa.  and buying a plane ticket to South Africa and Malawi.  and weddings. and racing. and working.

SIGH!  there is a lot to do, when you are doing the things you love!

Such as, this weekend.  The first weekend in July is special.  Not just because it is Canada day, but, also because it signifies the beginning of another trip around the sun for me.  The weekend was spent in Canmore, Alberta.  Which, as it happened, had a triathlon.  It was an Olympic distance, and it also happened to be a qualifier for the Canadian Age-group team for the ITU 2012 World Championships in New Zealand.  So, Although it was not an "A" race, i had some self-inflicted pressure.  Was I capable of winning my age-group, and qualifying?!  was I able to overcome my fatigue, and in  poor ability of hill climbing/training, and the elevation change?  Did i have a chance?

well... maybe.

The weekend was to be one of fun.  I was traveling with the boy i like love, to meet my friends: Erika, my previous roommate from Vancouver, and Sydney, and their husbands and one baby.  here is a photo of the three of us. i love friends.  
now, I am going to have to leave you in suspense about the race.  because I want to write a race report.  However, all I can say, is that I have a chance that I will be racing in New Zealand next year.  Can you say potential pre-honeymoon triathlon madness in New Zealand?  'Cause I can.

HOWEVER.  and, BIG however.  To register (for a roll-down slot), you have to have a deposit for 400$.  That includes the Team-Fee, and the uniform fee.  If I do not get a rolldown slot, this money is refunded.  and, so, I am stuck.  I cannot register.  I don't have that money!!!! ARGH!  and, it is against my ethos to ask for money to register for races (unless, of course, it is in celebration for another trip around the sun.  In that case, anyone can pay for my August 1/2 Iron registration.  Just drop me a line).  I will ask for money for other things.  LIke eating. or school. or helping with getting a roof over my head. but, not for leisure things.  I just hate, though, that being a student sucks.

but, i am working.  ANd, that is a relief.  

I am working at a triathlon shop again this summer: Way Past Fast.    I love working there.  Because I get to talk to people about one of my passions. I love getting people active.  I love hearing race stories, and sharing my own.  I love the look when people get a new bike, or find that the wetsuit perfectly fits and suits them and makes them feel like a superhero.  I love the dog i get to see every day, and the laughs I share with the three other people who work there regularly.  I love that I get the satisfaction of re-organizing an entire office.  I love that it is no stress, and that my boss says "can you come in on saturday?  oh.  right.  you probably have a long ride."  (all i can say, is that nurse managers... well... they pretty much won't care what i have to ride.)

Triathlon season is in full swing.  Races are everywhere.  training is outside all the time.  excitement is flowing all around.  How great it is to be able to engage this, full time, all summer long.  I may be a bit of a nutter.  but, I love it.  

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