Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chambly duathlon

so, those are the top results in the women from this morning's race. Can I say that I am sick of racing in the rain/sleet. Cause I am. I am fricken ready for the summer.

here is the email I sent to Mary, with a very very brief race report.

pretty much, I spent the afternoon in a warm bed. it was delightful, after a very cold morning.
here are the brief points!

I was really happy with today's race. :) it was small, it was really fricken cold, and the wind was insane on the bike. but, here are the main points. it seemed as if there were a lot of fast racers (the #1 woman is a world level duathlete), for such a small race.

critirium style, both on the run (5 laps of 1km... great for hitting lap splits in my head), and 7 laps of 2.7km (or something) on the bike. the bike was pretty much an out and back on a circle. but... the wind was gross. very gross. i yelled at it a few times. ;)

got a friend who shot photos of me, i will send some your way. they show a vast improvement in run form, (not all of them, but a lot of them!) but a sad decline in feeling like I have gained a few pounds in the past couple weeks.

I have attached the top 7 women's results. there were 16 women in total.
The run splits include the T times.

I fricken HIT the run pacing. was sooooo stoked about it. stayed about a 4:45/km for both of the runs. maybe a bit faster.I feel like I hit pacing better than the 4 girls ahead of me (but... they still went faster than me, esp on that first run... boo...) Each of my T's were about 2 minutes long. My fingers were so cold on the second one, that I could barely get my shoes tied (mental note... buy some elastic laces). the 2nd run, i had forgotten what it felt like to run off the bike. ridiculous.

I felt like i need to remember to "slow down and drink." I know that this will be better in Mooseman, because this race is so fast. you just want TO GO. I was a little worried about this race, and how it was going to turn out, since I have felt off with my training recently. but. i am happy. i wish i could've won though. that would have been fun. ;)

yay! SO EXCITED that my next race is mooseman.

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