Monday, May 31, 2010

Amazing weekend!

So. What an incredible weekend.

actually... two incredible weekends in a row.

and, next weekend will be incredible as well.

This past weekend, on saturday, I rode my bike from Montreal to ottawa. and, it was beautiful. It was really fricken long. I went with a friend, Ben, and props to him, because he rode the whole thing on a 10 speed, steel frame oldschool bike with an awful saddle, and a milk crate strapped to the back. and, it is not like he trains for things like this. I know it was challenging for him.

FOr me, I felt amazing. i got to have a few more breaks than ben did, due to the fact that I would ride, and then turn around and not be able to see him. so, I would stop and wait. but, here are the highlights and lowlights:
  • cows. deer. horses.
  • open fields, and long rivers.
  • stopping for french fries.
  • finally crossing the ottawa river.
  • our final 50km into ottawa, the rolling hills, the sunset.
  • stopping for pizza dinner.
  • stories of lost love.
  • picture taking and video shooting.
  • making 10$ for the leukemia and lymphoma society.
  • my ass and girly bits. and how it felt like i had a seat tattoo'd into it.
  • wearing my backback, and feeling like I had sore shoulders.
  • not hitting nutrition for the last 1/4 properly.
  • having to go a lot slower than I wanted to.
  • the feeling of bugs and grit in my eyes.

So, on sunday, I got to be a spect-athlete. it has been a long time since I have gone to a race, just to watch. But, so much fun!!! I was so inspired by the girls, and how stoked they were to be running, and finishing. I so remember my 1st and 2nd half marathons. and, what an amazing experience to have raised their money, and to have completed the race, feeling good. I loved chasing them down the course, and waiting for them to pass, and running a long with them for a few meters. I can totally see how amazing and inspiring it is to do these types of things.

but, there was a weird point.

at one point there was this runner, who just about passed out, and almost hit her head on the concrete. The 1st aid people were there, but, as she was lying on the ground, she started to become violent. and would try to kick, or hit the first aid people. And, this was when I saw here. given that I just finished a clinical stage in pschiatry, I have been dealing with people who can get violent. so, I walked over to help. And, with my magical nursing skills, I was able to get her into a safe position, hold her, take her vitals, and just comfort/ nurse her. And, it was incredible, to see how the things that I have learned in the last 8 months were able to make a huge difference. when you are able to say "Hi. I want to help you. But, you are going to have to tell me how to do that. You are going to have to allow me to help you." makes a world of difference to just "approaching" with no preface. how "okay. I am going to come a little closer now. but, only when you are ready." allows someone to not feel threatened.

i was priviledged to have this girl allow me to let me help her.

but, it reminded me how much what we do can be on the edge. how when we push our bodies, it is so essential that we do it to a level which we know. remember that we need to drink. remember that we need to respond, and listen to our bodies.

6 days until I am racing mooseman. so excited about it. this week includes a swim test, a sweat test, and a few higher intensity, shorter workouts. and... taper taper taper.

it is go time, friends.