Sunday, January 16, 2011

weekend report!

there is pretty much one thing i would rather be doing right now, that sitting comfy in my bed writing a blog about my wonderful weekend. and that would be sitting comfy in my bed having a skype conversation with the boy i like. but, he decided to go to tron. And will be back at about 11. and, frankly... that is too late for me. and, there is only 1 thing that is beneficial about that. and it is that... I do not have to go see tron with him.

at any rate. Today was a LOVELY day. The weekend was lovely, after a slightly chaotic 2nd week back at school (is it really supposed to be feeling so disorganized?!!?) I had a little sleep in on saturday morning, because it was "Travel Day." travel day to where, you might ask?!

SYRACUSE! my friend annie and I piled into a small rental car with the black flying machine in the back, and down to the states we went. We went down, because I was having a train-this testing and video weekend, at the YMCA in downtown syracuse... which has a FANCY computrainer set for about 8 bikes. we got to go in, before it opened to the public, and rode our fancy dancy bikes. but, can i say... SNOW?! cause after the worse road conditions that I remember for a very long time (um... barely could see 10 meters ahead of you, having to drive down the interstate with 2-way blinkers), all I could imagine was going snowshoeing or XC skiing. actually, i was quite jealous... We stayed once again with My good friend, kelly (blog linked below in text...), who I stayed with during Syracuse 70.3.

so. we sweat. and then after a 30 minute average 178 BPM avg (max 186... but, let me tell you... there was not much "variance" in my HR....) computrainer session, we swam a little while with a "Coach cam" (read: underwater digital duct taped to a broom with purple duct tape... hilarious.
The computrainer system is fun. but definitely not a replacement for being outside. ie... i did not feel as if it was a true representation as if I did that same ride on the road. but, never the less, it was GREAT to be riding along side my teammates and friends.

and feel at one point that I was going to ralf. in the following picture, i do not look like i was trying hard. in fact, neither does Alexa. oh, you know.. just a little sunday ride. i look way to happy to be there. which, clearly, I was. but, the ride was also hard. (despite this pic not depicting that...) you can see that here:

we then went out to delicious lunch as a team, and proceeded to talk about what happens when women get their period during a (ironman) race... stop? (HA!) amongst other topics of conversation...

and, drove back, with more snow, and a highway closure due to a semi-truck sliding off the road. needless to say, a 4.5 hr trip turned into almost 6hrs on the road.

the weekend ended up being a bit more expensive than I would've liked it to be. but it was worth it. I love meeting/seeing my teammates. I love seeing my Coach. and I love riding my bike hard. i LOVE IT!

week in numbers. Lower than last week (due to yesterday off, and a bike test today rather than a long bike), but, good quality training, i found...
swim: 1h 20 min, 3200 m (missed some, due to pool schedule mishaps)
bike: 5hrs 30 min
Run: 2hrs 30 min
Strength: 1hr
total: 8hr 30 min.


Kristin said...

So awesome meeting you! I had a blast! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for coming and bringing ANnie too!! You are always welcome...and maybe Ryan will even share his room again.