Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it's a new day.

and, after sleeping almost 11hrs, i am feeling much better than last night. Still concerned, still worried, still feeling many of the same things. but, after that first day, the second day gives you better perspective. and did you know, that if you cry that much in one day, and still workout, you end up being REALLY dehydrated?! yup, mental note: water is on the menu today.

and, i want to offer a "i'm not as lame as it seems" statement. At McGill, in grad studies, a C+ is an F. that is right, you drop from a B- to an F in a couple of wrong answers. And, i am not saying that it is not an F (it still is), but it is not less than 50% or whatever. it still makes you feel like shit though.

but, that is all on that topic. i'll keep you updated as to what happens.

let's talk about something else. training. How about training?!

well, christmas was interesting, to say the least. It wasn't like i was missing everything left and right, but I was in a location that I did not have a bike, and no *Easy* access to the gym/pool. I hopped around, and did what I could. I also snowboarded a lot. But, i guess that is what christmas is about. You know that you will not hit everything. You know that your diet will consist of coffeecake, chocolate, and pies. and, that is ok. I know that I could be more structured, but at the end of the day, between those times that i did not hit everything, and between the times when the diet was coffeecake, chocolate, and pies,

i did ok. i managed to get about 90% of the training done, and 60% of good eating. my meals were fine, it was just the in between times. and, did I happen to mention that i won a 5km resolution run?! well, i did.

again, the run was SLOW! and, it was a semi-trail run, so, that played a part. but, it still felt like a cheat win. most of the "fast people" would've run the 10km that was happening at the same time. but, whatever. a win is a win. i'll take it. I have also started thinking about my race schedule for 2011. I know, I know, many people probably have it set by now. But, my life often seems like i don't know what will be happening in the coming months. And, because of that, my race schedule seems to be flexible. but, it will get somewhat more secured soon. and to me, that is REALLY EXCITING. 'cause i train because I love to race. and i race 'cause it is fun. racing is way more fun than training, that is for sure.

getting back to montreal is a bit of a relief, in terms of training. I have my bike again. The Y is so close. I get to make my own schedule. I don't have to worry about my training time cutting into other people's time, or worry about getting a ride to the gym. it's jsut kinda nice.

I am getting into a 3 week block right now, with about 10hrs/week. it is kinda funny, because it takes an adjustment. it takes time management, and structure. And for some reason, I have felt that I haven't been able to do that in the last semester. maybe that is why I have done poorly in school. and, maybe that is going to be my new year's resolution. time management.

do like i did in high school. Make sure that everyday, there is at least a 2 hr period where i sit at my desk, do school work (even if there is "nothing due."). I workout at scheduled times, not just "where it fits." I sleep 7hrs a night during weeknights, and at least 8 hrs on the weekends.

i need to find balance. because, somewhere, I have misplaced it.

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Kelly said...

You will find that balance again...just remember it might not look the same as it did last time you had it!! Be open!! Glad you are feeling better.