Saturday, January 29, 2011

here's to neighbourhood exploring and too food!

today, i have had a lovely day.

After yesterday, where I didn't really leave the house at all, it was time to wander outside. Despite the fact that I do enjoy "work at home" days, I also find that I can feel quite isolated. Especially this semester, where it now seems like we are finally in a graduate program... everyone in my class is spread out between supervisors, and locations, and different placements, and different practice times, etc. We don't get so see each other much, especially compared to this first year and a half. But, I suppose, if I am going to be spending 4 months in Malawi next fall, I need to get used to it!

So, knowing that I had strength and a run on tap for today, I thought that I would use the morning to do some work in a cafe, eat breakfast, then yoga and run it up. But, I woke up with a bit of a headache (and was really worried it was going to end up being a full fledged migrane), so I went back to sleep. 1.5 hrs later, I woke up, and realized that I would not be running before yoga. I ate some advil, and walked (not biked, since it was snowing hard outside, and the Y is not far away) to a cafe that I had heard good things for breakfast about. I ate lunch there, with the boy i like, when he was here in October. But, this morning, it was all me. I read the newspaper, ate a yummy breakfast, and drank too much coffee. It was delicious, and, I will eat there again.
And, then i trudged my way down to the YMCA; I ran into Annie, and we yoga'd it up. And, we did a pose which i have NEVER done in my life, which was quite entertaining. Kinda like a forward bend/chair/twist, where you wrap/reach your arm between your legs, and around your opposite hip, while the other arm reaches behind to try and grasp the hand of the arm which is reaching through the legs. yes, i know. I can't explain it, but it was HARD! I then went running on towards Mt Royal (one of the only green spaces in town) and enjoyed the fact that all of a sudden, I have learnt to run in my HR zones. I returned, got changed, and decided to go to yet another cafe for a soup and salad lunch, which doing some studying. Delicious meal of the day, #2? Check. Pretty much, the majority of the day was spent doing a mini-walking-tour of the adjacent neighbourhood to mine, Mile End. Eating good food, watching interesting people, and stopping into a few fun shops.

it was at this time, where I thought that i would write a post about little places in Montreal that I like to eat... Now, the pre-amble to this is that I LOVE BREAKFAST! it is my favourite meal of the day, and most definiently the meal that I love to eat out, at almost anytime. due to that, I explore breakfast places. Here is a list of places in montreal that I love (if there is a link to the resto, i have it in the resto title....) and, why i love them. so, Here is to my Montreal Breakfast spot critiques! (HA!) Thanks to google images for the photos.

i love this cafe, mostly because it allows me to have a taste of home, by brewing 49th parallel coffee, from Vancouver. the owner is a vanocouverite, and former manager of one of the locations of my fav coffee shop there. SO, naturally, I would like. They teach their baristas well, it is warm and cozy, food is not the focus, and coffee (and tea's!) are top notch. IMO, by far the best coffee in Montreal. Though, it is a little far for me to go, which often saddens me.

Le Vieux Velo

perhaps my favourite breakfast/brunch spot in town these days. the walls are adorned by fun "indie" art, the music playing frequently is of the likes such as belle and sebastian. ... and the eggs benny are one of a kind. This one is in my hood, so it is REALLY easy to get too. i do, however, always leave feeling like I have spent more than I plan on, but, maybe it is because i can never decide what to eat, and the more expensive dishes (of course) sound the most delicious. My most frequented ordered breakfast is a pesto-roasted veggie-benny. i like that they serve lattes in tall glass cups, and that the service is fast and friendly. What I love the most is that it is called "the old bike," and that there is not more than about 6 tables in the whole place.


this is where I lunched today. I have gone here a few times in my montreal-life, and I always enjoy it. i find it a bit pricy for the amount of food that you get, but, the atmosphere is great. it just feels warming to the sould. and, it is ALWAYS busy, saying something about how delicious the brunch is. i have (not today)had a muffin or two there, and (since muffins are my weakness) think they are delicious. service is fantastic, and today's salad dressing left me wanting to lick the plate. they also let me sit there much longer than I should have (i was doing school work!), despite having people in the resto waiting for a table.

hmmm, now, I think that is good for now. I am going to continue this, since I have a good list of places that I have eaten. some have been good, others have been not-as-good. but, needless to say, these last few are my tops, so far...

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Kelly said...

All of those places look fabulous...I love little hole in the wall places like of the nice things about city living that we don't really have too much of here! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.