Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running with the big boy club... ytri.

so, this week has been a week of learning humility. Why should I think that it would stop on saturday morning?

I have been training on and off with the YMCA tri team over the past few months. Only for swimming though. And I stick to the plan that coach mary gives me. If it fits, i go. If it does not fit, i don't go. simple as that. It is also the reason I jump out of the pool early (even though it feels like I am slacking). 'cause my coach knows me. and i pay her for something. I don't pay her to give me suggestions that I will not follow. I pay her to give me a program that will get me to succeed on the other end, and go fast in races, that I take seriously.

SO, this morning, the run was going to fit. I got an email through the list serve saying "9am at the Y, a 10-12km run." i'll be there. I have an hour run. That is about accurate. I enjoy the group, sure, let's go.

and, let's just remind you, that out of the 3 disciplines, running is my biggest enemy. it is where I loose finish places in my races. It is the place where I fell like I have not improved over 3 years (um... hello... 3 straight 1/2 marathons at 1:46? is it impossible for me to break 1:45?!??!), though that is not completely true.

but, in the pool?! well, pretty much I rock out the workouts with the Ytri team. one of the fastest in the fast lane (i have nothing to say about the fact that most triathletes are mediocre swimmers at best... meanwhile, funny video on that at SW's blog). So, why should I not be able to keep up on the run?!?! (HA! humbling moment to come!)

well, there were 4 others. and, these non-swimmers... well... they are certainly runners. they are skinny. they are men in the mid-30-late 40 range. they are FAST! and, it took me about 3 blocks to figure out that I was going to be left in the dust. so, off we went. and i said "endurance run. stay in endurance zone..." andddd then my HRM stopped picking up my HR. don't tell mary, but i don't think i stayed in zone 2 very well at all. but, it was steady. and it was good to be running with fast cadence people. it kept reminding me to have quick feet turnover. and it kept reminding me how far i have to improve in running.

we ran about 11km. and, all i gotta say, it my personal favourite time was the 1/2 km at a 8-10% slope. yup, that time where i thought that i was going to die? yeah, that time. yes though, it was "variable terrain" and it was "steady." a steady feeling of:

"OH MY GOD! I AM RUNNING WITH THE BIG BOYS NOW!" I got back, did my lift, and then sat in the steam room and thought...

good god, that was good.

here is the elevation:

and here is the route:

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Kelly said...

Oy!! Tough run! Nice job, lady!!