Sunday, January 9, 2011

week in numbers

it has been an up and down week in terms of life. Lots of conversations with the boy i like on skype, a few sobbing breakdowns into girlfriend's lap, and a few too many glasses of wine last night.

but, i did get the new year's newsletter out. And, i LOVE THAT!

and, it was a solid week in training. An hour extra, because i had to fit in a run last monday, that I had skipped on sunday (due to travelling from victoria to Montreal, that day). so, there is an hour extra.

Just finished my first "long ride" of the year. 2hrs on the trainer (90min endurance, 30min tempo to finish). I watched "outsourced" and part of an episode of "weeds." Not bad, but my crotch is definently not accustomed to the long rides yet, and it feels as if my bike is slightly off balance (lean to the left?). so, that makes the last little while of the ride a push, because the only thing i want to do is get off!!!!

Swim: 2hrs, 5000m
Bike: 6 hrs 7min
Run: 3hrs 35min
Strength: 1 hr
total: 11h 35min

and... just for fun, because it just arrived in my inbox, here is a Boxing Day photo of the boy i like's family. and me. just stuck in there like someone with a different last name that isn't wearing something in the grey-green-blue spectrum.


Alexa said...

ugh. my crotch is also unaccustomed to these long rides. I had the same 2 hr ride as you did on Saturday, and then 1:45 today. and I think my bike is leaning to the left! yeesh.

Kelly said...

I, too, had that same workout, and it pretty much did me in! The longest I've been on my bike period since Syracuse 70.3!! I guess it's kind of like jumping into cold get used to it quicker!