Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12 week, 10km Running program

So, i have a few things to write. but, i have procrastinated enough this morning, because a friend of mine wanted to know if I knew a good "Training Log" for a 10km running race. So, instead of finding her one, I made one up for her. HA! Nat and I used to work at Body and Soul in Vancouver. She worked as a lovely front-desk receptionist, and I, as a personal trainer. And, I gotta admit... many, many, of my friends who I have from Vancouver are people I met at B&S. And, for that, I am really thankful.

Now, she is a Momma, and makes lovely Tutus. Have a look at her page, to see what she does. This spring, she is deciding to take on the every delightful Vancouver Sun Run. I love the race, because it is one of the largest 10km races in North America, and almost everyone in vancouver does it ;) (not really, but, you know what i mean...) And though I don't have a great idea of what her level of fitness is right now, this is a pretty simple plan that will work her from a base, presuming that her 10km time will be about 1:15.

So, Nat (and anyone else who might want to run a 10km), here it is. Let me know if you have questions. (or, anyone else.. feedback?!) I am excited that she has made this goal!

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