Sunday, January 23, 2011

pink dragons and this week in numbers!

so, not much to talk about today. maybe except for the fact that going to church these days has been great... mostly because it has just about doubled in size, with those new people all being around my age. which adds a great different vibe. and one that i LIKE! it feels good not to be one of the only token 20-something's in the congregation.

and, coming home from church this morning, i encountered this on the street....

not everyday where you get to see one of those :)

anyway, nothing really eventful in training this week, except that I am really feeling the end of this 3 week strength block. I am crossing my fingers for a recovery week! we shall see, as soon as my training peaks is updated for the week. other than that, i had an amazing run last night, in -15C weather, and starting at 7:45pm (meaning it ended just after 9ish). I had no idea that a cold-"late-night"- endurance run in the middle of winter could be so invigorating. and, i wasn't even cold!!!! :)

finally, the pool at Parc YMCA is going to be open again this week... YAY! back to master's, and no more swimming with aggravating public-lane-swimmers.

so, this week. every workout in (YES!) some changing around of the schedule, but, it has to happen sometimes. here are the numbers...
Swim: 1hr 45min, 5500m
Bike: 5hrs
Run: 3hr 50min
Weights: 1hr
Total: 11hr 45mins


Alexa said...

that looks like a Valentine's Day dragon?

davidkawai said...

Nice to hear from you after all these years on my blog, and nice to find yours. I do remember your face more than anything, after finding a few pics in your bio!

I know i was antisocial in my early years, playing second fiddle to the outgoing friends i surrounded myself with.

Sounds like you lead quite the athletic lifestyle, from what i can initially see on your blog. Thanks for the kind words and dropping me a line.


Laura said...

This pink dragon cracks me up! I totally would have taken a picture too.