Friday, August 6, 2010

the weekends pass fast!

This weekend, I am racing a MSC Canada event: the lake Chapparal Olympic, in Calgary.

I am pretty sure that it is going to be a strong race for me. I am currently feeling quite strong. I am definitely noticing the increasing in hours for training times throughout the week, and definitely noticing that I am on a building period right now. It is interesting though, because coach and I have (for reasons unbeknownst to either of us) missing eachother on the "being good at connecting on skype." thing. why is this interesting?! well, because i just feel like i am going to be racing this race without overly thinking about it as being a race week. just go into it feeling a little tired. is this good? well, it's not bad. why? well, because we are building for an A race in the fall. i will be racing Syracuse 70.3 on sept 19th. and, that is soon. that is just over a month away. yipes!

Anyway, for lake chapparal, the top 3 times for women, last year were: 2:19, 2:28 and 2:29. i am kinda curious as to if i will be able to manage that 2:30 time slot. I raced a 2:36 at slave lake, with long transitions, and running 5km with bare feet. I also have upgraded my bike to the flying machine. maybe i have purchased myself a win. :)

the past 2 weeks have certainly been interesting. It has involved a lot of family stuff. Most notably, a last minute August long weekend trip down to the Nelson BC area for the baptism of my youngest neice, Elizabeth. I traveled down in a rental car with my sister, and my oldest neice. We stopped overnight in Fairmont Hot Springs, and I had the best ride so far on my flying machine. 90km at 6 am, down a low traffic mountain secondary highway: rolling hills, beautiful weather, wide shoulder. virtually perfect (except for my seat... yup, have to see if that pain is going to pass on the longer rides).

The trip was better than expected, but a lot of driving. With the diverse personalities of the characters that were there, it could've led to a lot of drama. but, it was a beautiful weekend, and the best possible outcomes. More photos will come, but for now, a few stolen from Makayla's facebook page...

the dog.
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the girls: makayla, elizabeth.

the family: ridiculously tall leigh. small child elizabeth. short (she is standing on a step) mother Riane.

the father daughter combo. so great to see my bro.

the other girls: Me and one of my most favourite people, Makayla, on the ferry.

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