Thursday, July 22, 2010

no more EPP's

so, this week comes with a pretty surprise.

As you may know, I love my bike. i love the colour scheme, I love the fact that it can be a three in one bike. it is my commuter, my racer and my very long ride bike. it is a reminder of breaking my arms 3 years ago in a bike crash, and the recovery from that, and getting back onto a bike. it was a new bike, one with disc brakes, pink cable housing, and a baby blue body. that bike taught me to love triathlon, and was a great deal, since I got it on a pro-deal. 999$ for a 1850$ bike. It reminds me of vancouver and commercial drive, and everywhere I bring it, people have a nice little look-see. in fact, *you* can have a look-see in the photo below, on the ride from Montreal to Ottawa, that I did in May.

it has had a great 3 years. And, it is not going anywhere. in fact, it is not being replaced, despite the large amounts of money that I have spent this spring to have repairs and fixes done to it (all to find out that I had crappy mechanics work on it.) But, let's just think of all of this as the fact that my baby blue is getting a younger sibling.

a sibling that is. sexy. fast. light. aero. carbon fibre. racing.

that is right. despite the genes being quite different from one another, I am sure that these two babies will get along just fine.

'cause at my next race, expect me to run right past my bike in transition. I will probably forget that it is mine, since it is so beautiful. since it is a bike that I do not feel worthy to be riding. it is a bike that *fast* people ride. really fast people.

and, this is where the no more EPP's come in. excuses for bad performances. now, I have one less. I now cannot say "oh, i go slower on the bike leg because my bike weighs 10 lbs heavier than yours, and it is a cyclocross bike. besides, it is aluminum and doesn't have aerobars." I now cannot say "ohhhh, she was allowed to pass me, she is has a way nicer bike than me."

my bike is no longer an EPP.
now I have to come up with other EPPs.
because my bike is a fricken Cervelo P3 .

Thank you to the folks at Way Past Fast, to my parents, and to one other person, for enabling me to get a bike that I would only imagine that I could own if I was a rich business woman. a bike that I could only imagine that I would be able to own if I were way faster than I am. Thank you, Tom, for allowing me to feel like I can continue to fly. But, this time, allowing me to fly a little bit faster and smoother.


Laura said...

Congratulations on your new baby! I really do think we need bike showers just like baby showers when you get a new bike. ;)

Megan said...

The blue one is so pretty! I love that color!

And thus ends my knowledge of bikes...

How are we to defeat the spiders of the world if they just develop new survival instincts? They should not be able to swim. There is so much wrong with this situation.

Are you ever heading south to the States? Interested in backpacking in Peru next May? Tessa and I are going with another friend of mine. The more the merrier. :)