Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
-W H Murray

So, that quote is the outward bound quote of the day. I like it. simple. something to think about. Apparently, according to "a popular reader edited encyclopedia," William Hutchison Murray (18 March 1913–19 March 1996) was a Scottish mountaineer and writer, one of a group of active mountain climbers, mainly from Clydeside, before and just after World War II.

the following, are my legs. in a lake. it was taken using a small camera, with a technique called Lomography, which (according to that same popular reader edited encyclopedia) emphasizes "casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and alternative film processing" are used.

i think it is kinda neat. thanks, boy. i like this photo.

this past weekend, in Fernie, was great. it is so nice to get away from the city, and allow my soul to be refreshed by something I love the most in the world: mountains. we ate good food, played some good frisbee golf, watched tour de france and toy story 3, hung out at mountain bike races, I ran down rural mountain roads, and had a all round good time.

this weekend, I am heading up to the first annual slave lake triathlon. literally, I have no idea how many people are going to be entered, or what. all I know, is that it is far north, and there will be big bugs, and an olympic distance race. i love olympic distances, but haven't done one since May 2009... i will be shocked to see how I do. Mary has me training in a way that seems like I am not training. I mean, I am getting out there. I am doing little track bits, and little pickups, and the occasional long workouts. but, it just doesn't feel like I am rocking the training. and, i know I am not worried, because I trust my coach. she knows what she is doing. but... really? this is going to make me faster? shouldn't I feel a little more rockin'?

but, not going to lie. i don't really know what to expect. but, if it turns out to be a small race, with not to many competitors... goal will be to win. at least a top 3 in my age group. not to be bold, or anything.

I got a job at a triathlon store, called way past fast. it is pretty much one of two tri shops in edmonton. I walked in, said something to the effect of "I love triathlon; i am the ideal employee because in the fall, when it slows down, you don't have to fire me. I'll just leave. Will you give me a job?!" and they did! so, it is causal, flexible, and fun. Oh, and did I mention that on friday CERVELO is coming for test rides? oh. sigh. have I mentioned lately how much all I want in life these days is a racing bike? and, have i mentioned that I could get a pro-deal, since I am working for a dealer?

if only i didn't have a mouth to feed, a apartment to rent, and school to pay for.

finally, two recent blogs added to my roll, under "Train-this bloggers."

First is Solveig. She is a teammate, who recently, for no fault of her own, was in a bike crash, where an unleashed dog caused her to crash and fracture her pelvis in two places. Follow her recovery at "Mend-this."

Second is turbo curbeau. the 20-24 age grouper who is rocking fast, a teammate, and is going to rock at Lake Placid in a couple weeks. Follow him at Trinity Triathlon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! I just figured it out today, even though you posted this like 2 weeks ago. Go figure; I'm still new to this blog thing. Hope you're having a great weekend.