Friday, July 9, 2010

new look

so, I love pink.

i like the new layout. still going to be working on it, though.

Off to Fernie for the weekend. Boy and brother are racing in a silly, ridiculous mountain bike race, called the "Lost Boys Lungbuster." People think I am strange for doing long races that involve 3 sports in one. Try climbing up a ski hill on a Mountain bike. Now that is strange. i will take the chair lift up, and meet them at the top. :)

a [not.very.quality] photo from yesterday's ride with my two cousins and uncle (who is taking the photos) through the central alberta roads. Beautiful day, slight tail wind, draft line, and 90km at 30+ Km/hr at a percieved exhertion of probably around 4/10. Beautiful, if I do say so myself. Love the grain elevator. Such a typical alberta scene. More photos to come, when i get my hands on them.

I may have sounded a little cynical of Edmonton, in my last post. For those of you who are not really familiar with Canada geography, the province (like a state...) of Alberta (capital city is Edmonton, where I have grown up, and where I am now spending the summer) is like Canada's Texas. Lots of oil, and rich people because of that. and lots of farms, and cows. and cowboys. and all the stereotypes that go a long with that. and, let me tell you this much. I don't really feel at home here, hence the slight cynicism. despite that, i am marginally happy to be here this summer. i find it kinda ironic.

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Alexa said...

I can finally follow your blog! it seems the "follow" button was MIA and I could never find it, and then I forget to read it.. but now it's there!

P.S. your June 30th post was good. if it was a facebook status I would "like" it