Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photos from Lake Chaparral

In reverse chronology. Thank you to Mr Birch. Captioned by thoughts.

Oh good god. it's the finish. i can take these shoes off, my one sock and let this damn blister air out. ugh. i can't believe those girls beat me by 30 seconds. so happy to be done with this race, so I can go home and sulk.

"hmmm. it is only water. i need some sort of salt. sugar. not just water. my head hurts. my foot hurts. i need a sock. i am going to steal one from that boy next time i see him"

"clearly i can save time in T2 if i take my feet out of my shoes while still on the bike. 'Cause *clearly* i am a pro-star like that. okay, well, not really. i have just seen the pro-stars do that. so, maybe it is worth it."

"damn i love this bike."

"Dear God. Thank you for not allowing me to drown. or have a DNF. Get me the hell out of this lake."

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