Tuesday, August 31, 2010

everyone's most sensitive topic...

so, this morning, there has been the beginnings of a (i am guessing) passionate and long debate in my team's google group. It is centring around an article that Mary posted, which has to do with athlete's favourite thing to talk about.

heck it has to do with something that almost *Everyone* loves to talk about, and what society is obsessed about. The article is called "The single most effective way to loose weight." And, i'm not going to lie, i don't think it is a terrible article. Actually I agree with most of it. There are some bits that i don't completely like, but... whatever. However, i did find myself a little frustrated with the article, and i will tell you why, in a bit.

Food, and body image (especially for women) is a topic that people become exceptionally passionate about, because it is a sensitive topic. I have had people say to me everything from "Yes, but... do you like what you eat?" and "Mmmm, are you sure you are not edging on a eating disorder?" to "Wow, you eat so healthy!" and "can you give me any tips on nutrition?" And let me tell you. people who know me well, know that i.love.food. and i love what i eat. i love cooking. i love learning about it. heck, i even love good food photography.

As i sat, reading this article, and the subsequent posts, i found myself a little frustrated. I found it frustrating, because most of us don't have junk food in our lives (and, i am talking "athletes" here). and, despite trying my best not too, i am guilty of occasionally judging people on what they eat (normally not right to their faces, unless they ask... ;). I once read a post secret that said something to the effect of "i judge people at the checkout because of what they have in their shopping cart." let's just say, i can relate.

so, low/no junk food: check. yet ask if we have been able to loose the weight we want to... if we are at an ideal training/racing weight... mmmm, maybe not. I feel like there is more to it, than what this article outlines. Maybe it is not something complicated (i doubt it is), or even mentally demanding (i really like how he put the social factors and complexity factors, and the psychological aspects of diet into the article). But, I feel that there has to be something more to it.

... or else, why would it be so hard?

and, as I sat there, prior to my 30 min run, eating a bagel, with almond/flax seed butter, and a banana, I was challenged to think about what is junk. was what i eating there, junk? some might say the bagel is. (but.. i swear, coach, i was eating in a workout window!) after (despite it only being 30 minutes, it was a quick paced tempo run), i drank a whey protein drink with some strawberries mixed in.

i guess, what is frustrating about the whole thing, is that i don't mind what i look like right now, and i feel pretty good (most of the time...). Yet, i know I am a big girl (in terms of endurance athletes). At 6ft tall, and not so tiny, i know that i could be lighter, without sacrificing power. i know that my lean weight could be lower. but, the struggle is... a struggle. to try and focus on something, and see no results. that is frustrating. and defeating.

so. what is it? with the off season looming around the corner, where do we go from here? what do I change, what do I do, so that come next season, i am a little closer to goal weight, and a little closer to fast? this article, and the subsequent posts, have certainly given something to think about...


Laura said...

OMG - I totally hear you. Being 5'10" I am the 'fattest' girl on my triathlon team. Granted, I'm not super crazy about what I eat (well, what I drink gets me more in trouble...) but still - like you I already have cut out most of that stuff. I guess I need to cut out red wine - but what kind of life is that?!? ;)

Let me know if you learn the secret! :)

Kelly said...

I'm totally with you on this!! I'm 5'8" and not tiny. I think some people really fight genetics more than others. Most days I feel like I'm winning that battle...other days not so much.

Amanda said...

While I understand that you could likely be leaner and therefore run fast and reach your time goals - I want you to know that you are stunning. You are fit and healthy and amazing... your life should be rich - full of all the goodness that training brings you, as well as the goodness of enjoying rich foods on occasion. Basically - what I'm saying is... I think you got this. You are beautiful, in every single way... ;)