Tuesday, August 24, 2010

just a little laugh

so, today, i had a good little laugh.

These past few days, I have been the queen of riding inappropriate bikes.

--> the bixi bike, last week, for a training ride. <---

and, today, after having picked up my flying machine from the shop, and post real training ride, I went to take the flying machine back via metro. however, it was during "les heures de point." and, for all you anglos out there (heh): "peak hours." meaning no bikes on metro.

so, i commuted... on my P3. picture me, with my chacos, a crappy "messenger bag," a cotton tee-shirt, cruising the bike lanes at a rapid speed of oh, say 15km/hr, and making stops at a coffee shop, and the bank. allowing commuter mc joe to pass when they want, and weaving through the traffic.

(now, if this is not a funny story for you, well, you clearly don't know how inappropriate a cervelo P3 is for commuting. believe me. it's funny.)

oh, and, i was also priviledged to see, on my commute home, a black man, standing at the side of a park lip syncing (i think) a variety of reggae tunes and playing fake strumming an electric guitar, wearing a polyester suit from the 70's. fantastic.

oh you know. just another thing you see while on 2 wheels in montreal during the summer.

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Alexa said...

I've commuted to work on my P2C with my messenger bag! haha!