Monday, August 23, 2010

to rob a title... "the indignity of commuting by bike": bixi's to the hospital

So, it has been a while since I have posted. Not necessarily because I have not wanted, but just cause this past week has flown by. the last few days in edmonton were busy. busier than desired.

the beginning of last week consisted of me being a recluse. My exams, on wednesday and thursday, were a large source of stress. I spent sunday-monday-tuesday at a friend's place, and at coffee shops. Filled my time with cramming, and with researching other nursing programs that might take me if I totally flunk out of mcgill. Exams cause you to do strange things, that is for sure.

and, after I was done, it was like a big breath of fresh air. all of a sudden, there was going to be 10 days of non-stress, book reading, bike riding, late sleeping. however, that has only somewhat been true. I have been missing my bikes. They were shipped from edmonton, on greyhound, last monday. THey arrived yesterday (yesssss!), but I had to make due with what I had here in Montreal.

I have mentioned, before, some of the somewhat socialist tendencies of Montreal. Like the free public swim times. Montreal has something called "BIXI Bikes." they are almost socialist. It is a bike lending program, that you go to a little station, pick up your bike, and drop it at the station of your destination. However, this does cost money. The monthly, or "yearly" suscription fees aren't so bad. THe daily, though, are 5$ for the first 1/2 hour, then 1.50$ every half-hour afterwards. but, i had to ride. so, on thursday, I took to the streets. me and a bixi. for a "Training ride" commute around the city. now, here is a pic of a bixi:
not quite your training machine. but, as mary said: now *That* is a beautiful bike. I know that everything becomes better on a bike. it doesn't matter what type of bike, and there is something quite heart warming about riding around the city on publicly-shared, emission free, couch on wheels. but, let's just say that it was tough to get my HR up into Zone 2. but, i swear, i was sweating! those 3 speed internal hubs are quite entertaining!

on that bike ride, as well as many other times while riding a bixi throughout the city, on daily commutes, i have seen lovely things. such things as a man walking around with a "mafia" sign. what does that mean? that you are part of the mafia? that you support the mafia? that you want the mafia to end? i have also seen commuters of all sorts: my fav was the lady who had plastic flowers attached into her hat, as well as her front bar basket.

however, that night (friday), i was talking to one of my new roommates (which I have lots to blog about!!!) and i said "hmmm, but, i think the bixi bikes are making my back hurt, becasue they are a bit small for me." and, alas. i made a stunning realization that it was not indeed the bixi bikes, but, the possibility that I was coming down with a kidney infection. I had a UTI earlier in the week (yeah yeah, you probably don't want to hear about this...), but, i was all of a sudden really worried that I was going to have a kidney infection! so, after some consultation with friends, i was convinced to go to the ER. (yup, i even rode a bixi there... cheaper than a taxi, i say!) and, you know how ERs are for a non-life threatening situation. by the time I waited for 8 hrs over night, i walked myself through the locked doors, and pretty much said "look. this is ridiculous. I am normally a really patient person. but, my pain is increasing, give me a fricken cup to pee in so I can get this show on the road, I am a nurse (okay, so that is a small lie. i am learning to be a nurse), and this is ridiculous." less than 1.5 hours later, my tests had been done, the cipro prescribed, and I was walking out of the hospital.

so, saturday and sunday consisted of me in bed, feeling like canned crap, and taking far more pills than I ever thought possible. Cipro for infection. gravol for nausea. Advil for pain. my daily multivitamins, and my daily pill for my skin. RIDICULOUS i say. i am 27. not 80.

I am feeling much better, though, today. I am going to be out in the world, and get a swim in. i am mildly concerned about what this week, and HUGE lack of working out, is going to do for my race in september. I am feeling fat and lazy. and, worried that having a week that was focused on other things (which was necessary) than training, is really going to be detrimental. however, the next 4 week are going to be soooo focused towards my training, it is not even funny. it will pretty much be my last race of the season, unless something magical happens, while I am there.

but, enough time wasting. it is time to jump back on this bandwagon. time to go swimming.

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