Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this kitten lost her mittens.

very quick post!! if anyone sees a pair of red Vancouver 2010 Mittens lying around, somewhere between the YMCA on Parc Ave, and St Denis @ beaubien, they are mine. please return. I love them. and, i lost them today.

So, tomorrow I will head west for the Canadian University Rowing Championships. Should be pretty good. I am not rowing, I am coaching two of the guys who will rowing lightweight singles. But, beyond that... It has been 10 years since I have rowed at Elk Lake, in Victoria. (um. wow?) I feel, like in a sense, it will be kinda like a home coming. great venue. great location. great sport. it should be a great weekend. Esp. if Sylvain and Ariel do well!!! so, row hard boys.

on another note. Coach Mary, and Turbo Curbeau are at IM florida this weekend. Let's Go Train-this! swim bike run like it is your business. (oh wait. it is.)

yesterday, I did something (I am not telling you what, because it is really embarrassing/shameful) that I was not proud of, but learnt a fantastic lesson from. And, really just got me thinking about how easy it is to fall into a spot where you do things that you really don't want to do. or the things you ought to do, you don't do. it was a little shocking to have it stare at me in the face, how easily we can fall, due to our own stupidity.

training is back on. and, i can tell already what a fantastic difference it is going to be making in my life :) ALso, just wanted to say... i am going to run tomorrow morning for the first time in close to 7 weeks. dang. should be interesting. if i am lost in action, it is because my body is going through a form of shock.


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