Wednesday, November 17, 2010

winter commuting!? CHECK!

So, two things I have been gearing up for this week.

1) my healthy eating challenge with boy i like (BIL? HA!).
2) winter commuting on my bike.

therefore, I will comment on them both. and, i write first to say. don't. judge. (yes, leanna, I am looking at you ;) ) I may be a little strange. I may be a little obsessive. I may be a little off the rocker. But, I am what I am. And, there are always reasons for what I do. so, don't. judge. That is my soap box for the day.

healthy eating challenge.
as we all can agree on, the things we put into our bodies are what make us able to function day to day. we love food. Sometimes I talk a lot about it, other times i don't. One thing, though, for me, which is certain, is I react to the food I eat. Unfortunently, much like many other girls, if i eat to much crap, I feel guilty about it. And, when i feel like crap, sometimes I default to eating crap. for me, it is *Easy* to eat like crap.

but, on the other hand: i LOVE healthy food. I love the feeling it gives me, I love feeling fit and lean and awake.

so, after having eaten like crap, and feeling like crap during off season, I finally did the dreaded "step on the scale to see how much I gained" step. And, there it was. the 5-7lbs that I expected. but, it still caught me off-guard. and, i thought "Wow. I want to be a better athlete. I know that this will make a difference. I know that if i can become leaner and be fitter and eat better, i will be faster and feel better and be more confident." so, i went home, and challenged boy I like to a eating challenge.

"let's loose 10lbs" i said. then he said "okay, sure." (well, he sorta said that). then i thought "hmmm, February sounds like a good mark to make that." then, he said "so, by christmas?" (i silently gasp). so i said: "um. sure. by christmas." :YIPES:

so, it started. my smaller portions. my denial of all things yummy like muffins and pastries and pastas and rices (not that I eat those two last things at all anyway) and beer and wine and too many dairy products.... and hello to things other yummy things like carrots and apple sauce and protein drinks and eggs and organic chicken and salads galore. and... almond/flaxseed/egg breakfast concoctions. YUM!

will this work? i have no idea. but, it is worth a shot, right? 6 weeks of "sacrifice" should at least set me on a good foot. and, it should also get me to be creative with snacks and meals and recipes. 'cause all of a sudden, i feel like i am in some sort of competition with this (which, i know is not true, but... i am a competitive person. it just happens), and i want to put a good effort to it!

EDIT: and... talking about food. check out this BAS! (big ass salad...) um... yum!

2) winter commuting

so, for the first time in my life, I am going to be one of those crazies who ride their bike throughout the entire dark, cold, miserable winter. And, this intimidates me a bit. Because, in many ways, it seems as if it is going to be like submitting myself to un-needed torture. but, today, in anticipation of the upcoming colder weather that is coming in, and the increasing darkness, I made a purchase of a merino wool buff and some rechargable blackburn bike lights.
and, i will tell you what. the whole point of "saving money on bus passes" logic is thrown right out the window. cause those two things combined cost more than a month bus pass.

but, i think i am doing pretty well in terms of clothes:
  • sweet patagoina softshell jacket? check.
  • shell mittens gotten for 3$ from MEC when i worked there? check.
  • warm under gloves for those said mittens? check.
  • Merino wool buff that can be a balaclava, neck warmer, scarf or head cover? check.
  • fleece headband for ears? check.
  • ski goggles? check.
  • gortex pants? check.
  • gaiters? check.
  • good shoes and boots? check.
  • base layers, midlayers (fleece)? check.

so, all I hope is that this does not catch me off guard. cause, if it is a competition (ha!) between me and winter, i want to win that as well.

so, i will write about both these things as I go through them. Keep posted on progress!


Sean Birch said...

I just thought I should mention, as the other half of the healthy eating challenge, that I'm taking a slightly different approach to losing the 10lbs than Amelia might be doing. True, I'm going to give up the crap, which for me means beer, dessert, pizza, and all those handy snacks I seem to have at odd times of day. And I'm going to stay exercising but not nearly as much as Amelia here.

But I'm keeping my wine. Just try taking that away. I think the term "cold dead hands" fits in here.

Kelly said...

I'm with you on how eating crap and healthy food both make me feel! I also really want to see a picture of you with all of that gear on!!