Sunday, November 14, 2010

long and busy week: highs and lows

Got through it. Almost with all my stuff done on time.

let's put it like this, because I haven't done something like this for a while. Let's do a low and high list. i always do lows first, so i can end with a positive note!

  • coaching dramas with rowing.
  • too much work.
  • having someone die while on a shift at the ICU (not my patient. but, a first none-the-less.)
  • leaving victoria.
  • not getting all my workouts in.
  • slicing open a finger on a beer bottle that broke in transit in my bag on the way back from victoria.
  • a nasty sinus infection.
  • missing the boy i like.
  • crying at the rowing gala due to pure overwhelmedness of the season.
  • first indoor training ride.
  • not getting out to go to church.
  • having a nurse give me test results and subsequently say "Oh, i have no idea what that means. there is just a circle around it. i am just supposed to tell you to make sure you get a followup appointment in december."
  • crying at the rowing gala due to how proud i am of everyone i coached this season.
  • starting feeling like i am back on a regular training schedule.
  • starting a "healthy eating challenge" with boy i like.
  • michael franti concert on wednesday night... cause that is the sound of sunshine coming down.
  • having adorable not-so-straight boys lick my face while laughing and laughing.
  • finding a convenient master's swim team/triathlon team to swim with.
  • the exceptionally warm weather.
  • having the rear hub on my commuter bike fixed.
  • working out. eating well. getting work done.
  • the amazing things i am learning at clinical.

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