Monday, November 22, 2010

got some stats to do!

as is the common theme recently, this is going to be short and sweet. I have to explain some stats in a presentation during my first class, so, I need to do some last minute reviewing!

Last night, a friend of mine asked me why i blog. It was a good question, and good conversation. so, I throw it back to you (my creepy internet friends)...

why do you blog? I will post my answers and thoughts tomorrow. for now, just a few points.

1) I love making food with friends. Last night, my friend Ben and I (same ben that I rode with to ottawa last spring, and danced in spandex to raise money for the L&L society) made some delicious food! and, he was even good to me with keeping in my tight eating.

we made: delicious pumpkin chili. a salad with apples and peanuts and carrots and onions. some roasted cauliflower. and, then his roommates offered a piece of apple pie. i took one, but it was small!

2) this week in numbers.
swim: 2hrs, 4500m
bike: 2.5hrs
run: 1hr 45min.
strength + cross train: 1hr45m
total: 8hrs

I am also going to start recording weight. but, i am not going to tell you that number. but, i do feel as if i have been eating better. and that feels good.

I remember last year at this time, i was training maybe 6hrs a week. Mary already has bumped me up to 9h30m for the coming week. and, i am okay with that. it includes some clear ridiculousness. maybe I am going to become a glee fan. I have no idea. i have never seen the show. but, i do love spontaneous singing and dancing, so, I am sure I will like the show.

3)still too much homework, but this week looks way more reasonable than the past few. and that is a relief.

4) Completed my level 1&2 rowing canada coaching course. I am now a "trained" coach, I just have to do a few things to become a "certified" coach.

5) on saturday night, I did another clearly ridiculous thing. since the boy I like is in edmonton, and I am in montreal, we did a date night. we cooked the same thing for dinner, we got on skype, ate dinner together, and then netflix'ed a movie together. We both had earphones (so we could both listen to the movie, and eachother, without sound interference), and hit "play" at the same time. Ridiculous, right? but, oh so innovative and nauseatily cute.

6) winter came this weekend. it welcomed me with a hailstorm on my bike on saturday (can i say OUCH?!), and -12 (after windchill) on sunday...

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Joy said...

I blog because I have things to say and by putting them online, maybe someone will actually read them at some point. (at least, that's what I hope). It's a place where I can put my poetry, thoughts on what I've been learning, cooking adventures and misadventures, and post pictures of my artwork.
Also, blogging lets me keep family and friends up-to-date (somewhat) on what is going on in my life while I'm not with them.