Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrive thursday: Live Music

This is a on going series that is posted on thursday's, to answer the question: "What helps you to thrive in your environment?" The series is written by myself, and a variety of guest Contributors. This week, I am writing on the joy that comes with Live Music Performances!

Last week, I had the chance to go to see Michael Franci and Spearhead play at the metropolis here in montreal. I went with three girls from nursing (who are not direct entry students... Look ma, I am making new friends!), who branched out on a limb, because they had never heard of him. I have been a “late arriver” on the Michael Franci scene amongst my friends, but here I am. And, I like it. We danced, we laughed, we jumped, and we sang along. He is a great performer, who seems genuinely thankful for the progress that he has made in musical career, and for his fans. It interacts amazingly, and he has great rapport with the people watching.

And, it got me thinking. I love music. Even more, I love LIVE music. I remember when I was young, I grew up going to the Folk Music Festival in Edmonton. Though, my first “real” concert was when I was 12. I dyed my hair green with kool-aid, and went with friends to the Greenday Dookie concert. I was hooked.

Live music is amazing. And, why do I say it can make someone thrive? Well, because I feel that many times, you thrive when you feel good. You thrive when you feel happy. You thrive when you feel connected to your environment.

And, live music can allow you to do these things. It can cause you to escape yourself a bit, and escape the surroundings of day to day life, to connect to the sound and the movement and the sights. to let loose and think. Or not think. To dance. Or to not dance. To be introspective. Or to not be introspective. And, it is sure that musicians have that way with words. That way that allows our thoughts to be expressed in sound, or in the poetry that is attached to the sound.

And, for me, it doesn’t matter if it is a reggae-dancehall-acoustic concert, or if it is a sit on the grass/in a coffee shop listening to someone strum a guitar, or if it is a stadium with 10’000 other people. It still lets me feel connected. And, that makes me feel like I can thrive. (especially when, I cannot play music very well myself! I am glad other people can!)

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