Monday, November 1, 2010

Come to me, 2011 season

Today is day one of training for 2011. I don't have solid goals set up yet. I know it will be something very similar to this past year. I am waiting to find out about some items with school, and with some things that I have applied for, that will help dictate my schedule. one thing is for sure though.

about 2 weeks ago, I was not sure if i was going to be ready to start training again. I have enjoyed the off season. But, something has gone wrong. And, I will tell you what it was. My health (as you know) really has plummeted in the past 2 weeks, or so. to the point that I thought I had hypothyroidism, or anemia, or something. and, that, to me, was surprizing. I have been staying active (until, at least up to 10 days ago, when my body just screamed at me one day during yoga by being weak, and shaky, and stupidly sweaty), but just not in the same way.

Now, I know that exercise and diet make all the difference in the world for health. To stay healthy, you have to exercise, and you ahve to have a good diet. for this example, say that when I am in season, my health is at a 18/20. (or whatever...) I thought that in off season, my health would drop to say, 14/20, due to lack of exercise, and eating a bit more relaxed. but, what i found was that health dropped to... like, 7/20. it has been awful. and, surprising. I honestly had NO idea that it would be this extreme.

I wrote my family physician from when I was growing up. He offered a great explanation.

Most of the problems you are having is due to your diet change and activity change(possibly). You immune system is down because it is trying to battle the gut which is being forced to have items digested that it doesn't want to digest. Your diet for the past few years has not included some things and your body has enjoyed it. Now that you are reintroducing grains and meat, your body is trying to switch over and is not winning. Also, when you go from high activity to low activity, your body still produces adrenalin each day after you stop the high energy cycle as if you were continuing. If you don't train down, then that adrenalin accumulates and you end up feeling terrible, tired all the time, and depressed without having a reason for it.

The solution is to allow your body to recover. Get back to eating right and allow your immune system to increase without having to battle energy with all the other stuff. Whether you rest and allow the immune system to recover or begin to SLOWLY increase your activity to get it going again depends upon how your body responds. If you start to go to a workout and your body is saying it doesn't want to, then don't. Listen to what your body is telling you.

So, thanks, Dr Adams. And, thank you coach for getting me off my ass, and exercising again. Energy level? I highly anticipate your return. :) Here's looking forward to the 2011 season. May you be fast, and exciting, and even better than this past season.

finally, a few black and whites that the boy i like took during his visit to Montreal. his Flickr Page can be seen HERE:

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Well, a right decision for us to make that connection with Dr. A. not only family physican but " sports doc "! Lots of good info there that might be helpful to some of your other readers and glad I could play the "concerned mother,"