Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So fricken busy!

so, made it back from Victoria, walking into my house at about 9 pm. Then proceeded to have a 2.5 hr phone conversation. Definently really didn't get much work done last night, but did appreciate the conversation with that boy I like, because i know that it might be tight to have many more this week... Got some (but not as much) done this past weekend while away.

but, this is my week. and my list of things to do. Not including group meeting for my research methods class. But, oh la la. lots to do. It is weeks like this that make me a little crazy, because there is never really any down time. Sure, my fun is scheduled in this week. But mostly it is work. and that thing called training, which is now being integrated (not so well last week, when I was away) into my day to day plan (and... HEALTHY LIVING!)

and, i tend to think that it is going to be very similar to this right up to the end of school. Which... is also really soon. I just came back from the west coast, but, it is only a month before I head back out in that direction :) Which makes me really happy. I am really looking forward to my christmas break in Vancouver and Victoria, and very briefly in seattle/tacoma.

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Great to see you ...how did the guys do?