Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mind Games and skipping school and why I blog

Today, I am skipping morning class to sit and have a relaxed morning. I might even skip afternoon class. Cause sometimes, at least once a semester, you need to do so.

Things on the schedule this morning. Morning watch of the New Dexter Episode. Morning coffee by the computer. No riding in the nasty rain until this afternoon (you're right Annie... What did happen to HTFU?! (caution, that link is a little "unsafe for children" ... HTFU is scheduled for later!) Now I am a route to get a good lot of homework done.

breakfast today: 2 eggs. Strawberry Greek Yogurt. Banana. Coffee with vanilla almond milk.
but first, a great video, seen on SW's BLog.

So... why do I blog?!!

first off... do you like the new blog layout?!?! it took me a bit to figure out the html script, but, i like the way it is looking now, just after a few wee changes! i almost look important with a professional website!

anyway, i think I started my "xanga" blog spring of 2004 (if you click on that link. be warned that you are NOT allowed to bring up old life topics with me, unless I allow you too.) to keep up with some friends of mine that i had limited face-to-face contact with. it allowed me to follow up with people, and read up with what was going on with them.

i think, then, it became a trip log, often.

it gave me a place to just write.

when i was younger, i journaled a lot. I still journal. just not as much. I tend to journal those deeper things that I don't want other people to know about. You know... those "deep dark fears." the ones that you sometimes even have a hard time admitting to yourself. blogging allows me to journal those everyday things.

it still allows me to connect with people that I don't get to see often. It allows people who care enough, to keep up with me. and, i know that it is not a replacement for real relationships. but, you see, when you have so many friends, from so many places, and have lived in so many areas... you need some sort of tool.

it allows me some sort of outlet.

and, i kinda like the idea that people might actually be interested enough to read. but, even if people don't read? I would still blog. 'cause there is something about it, that i really like.


Laura said...

I do like the new layout! With everyone updating their blogs I feel like I need to be next... ;)

BTW, I noticed on your about me page that you have been to Haiti. My roommate is about to go on a medical mission for at least four months there. Do you think you'd mind connecting with her? I think she'd love to hear about it from others who don't want to scare her out of going, ya know? email me at ljgilmour@yahoo.com if that's ok.

Kelly said...

Love the new look. I feel like I need to change mine up to, but know it will take me so long!!

Jean-Luc Mejane said...


très beau blog! Merci pour ton message pour boston. Pour IM70.3 New Orleans, j'y songerais une autre année peut-être car 2011 est déjà bien chargée!!

Jean-Luc Mejane said...

Bonne année!

Hey finalement, je suis inscrit au 70.3 de New Orleans!!! I'm so excited!!! Tu l'as déjà fait cette course? Comment est le parcours? As-tu un bon endroit pour dormir à me proposer?