Friday, April 2, 2010

love will set me free!

there is this song, on a recent mix CD that I got, which is called Ain't no reason by Brett Dennen. and, the chorus says this: love will come set me free, i do believe. love will come set me free, i know it will..." and, I love this song. SOooooOOOo great. But, I have had this song in my head all day long, and I have thought about the fact that this weekend is EASTER!

and, really. that is what easter is all about. love set me free. and, that is pretty dang sweet.

Today was a great day. It was not only good friday, it was a great friday.

I slept in until about 8 or 8:30, and then made a little smoothie, and did a litte yoga (thanks to a podcast from mary), some homework, and tidyed up the house a bit... My roommates are out of town, so I have the apartment all to myself. It is quiet, which is nice. But, sometimes I remember how I am not 100% sure if I could do this all the time. I like having people around.

So, because I like having people around, i invited over friends for a Good Friday brunch. some of my nursing friends, and rowing friends came by. we had banana pancakes (i made and ate my almond/flax pancakes for me) and coffee and yogurt and montreal bagels, and montreal treats (consumed by everyone else!) and hordes of fruit, and eggs, and cheese. once i get the photos, i will post some.
DELICIOUS. i guess that is one of the things that I love about food. It brings people together.
In college, for the last 1.5 years of school, me and my close guy friends would get together every friday morning for "breakfast club." it was pretty much my favourite tradition at WVU. i miss that one.

then I got ready for a little ride outside, and low and behold... remember how my bike was sick in the fall? and, remember how I wasn't sure if i was pleased with the work that was done on it? yeah, well, they didn't really give me a good indication of the degree of wear and tear on the bottom bracket. (okay. so, i don't really know... maybe it is all the trainer riding from the winter playing in as well..) but, I started out for a ride down to jean drapeau, to re-connect with my rowing team. and, definitely had to make a little pit stop, that turned into a long pit stop.

But, I was able to ride. And, i rode for 1:15 (not counting to and from commuting! YAY! commuting!) around the Villneuve F1 track at the Parc. This place is just bleeding cyclists, and it makes me so happy. Despite the fact that you go round and round (i think more than 1:30, i would get really bored), it is so well controlled, and so smooth. NO cars, no lights, and not too many stupid people. But, i came to the huge realization that i really don't need to try to bike hard, while outside, to hit my zones. it is really really easy to be in the right zones.
afterwards, I went to a bike shop to see what they said about my baby blue. needless to say, the bike needs a bottom bracket. it will be fixed this month :) hopefully that will solve the problems. on the way home, i stopped into the running room, to by some gels for my long run tomorrow (1:45! wowza...) that is pretty much the length of time it takes me to 1/2 marathon it! i am ready for racing in just over 2 weeks! but, after talking a lot about nutrition, and hydration during runs, i made a very spontaneous purchase.

who knew that these things fricken cost 50$. REALLY!?? that is a little ridiculous to me.
I came home, dinner, and lecture watching. but, i came home really happy. i love love love riding outside. it has come at such a needed time. I am so happy to have the wind in my hair, and the bike being dynamic, and feeling like flying. i love feeling like i can fly. there is nothing like it.

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Kelly said...

Great post!! Don't you just love how easy it is to get to zone 3 outside??