Thursday, April 29, 2010

heading to edmonton

So, sigh.

here it is. the end of a another semester. I just took my last final of the semester. (except for the 2 that are deferred until august). sorta feels okay. wasn't super thrilled with how it went.

but, don't worry. A blog update is coming up soon. I just first have to finish correcting these 115 fricken papers! by tomorrow! eep! may not sleep much tonight!

Heading to ottawa tomorrow, and then Edmonton on Saturday, to bring my mum home. Should be a good "family focused" trip. and, that is always good for you ;)

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Tederifico said...

Hey if you need your own space at anytime in the 'Chuk let me know. Although if it is this weekend, I won't be here to give you the key...but anytime besides that!