Friday, April 23, 2010

mama and me

SO, i laughed at my mum when she said she wanted to take pictures of herself in the hospital. but, everyone knows well, that when you are injured, you want to chronicle it.

remember this? that time where i broke both my arms, and they took some hip bone and put it in my wrist bone? 'cause I do. 3 years ago on Canada day.

anyway, mum is getting better every day. We are aiming for a discharge date on the 1st of may, b/c I have a very small window in which I can get her back to edmonton. not a long post today, but just to upload some photos.


Anonymous said...

Bonnie is your Mumm! Why didn't I figure that out on my own? We are Xanga and Facebook friends.

Megan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, friend! (in response to: "i do expect that you will loose it one or two times.");-)

I guess the "losing it" is worth it (and expected) when it's something you're passionate about?