Monday, April 12, 2010

crazy weekend...

So, started off my weekend not by my usual routine. That should have been my first hint that something is going a little strange.

no. wait. loosing my running shoes should've been my first hint.

anyway, i biked on saturday, instead of going for my usual long-run with my team in training co-members. Since i didn't have my shoes, i knew it was quite silly to go running. and, yes, i know that barefoot running is all the rage right now, but not for me at this moment in time. And, I knew that it was quite windy out (45km/hr at times), but it was sunny-ish, and I had no desire to do a 3hr ride on the trainer.

So, once again, I went out in search of somewhere outside of the city. but, alas, again I was trumped. the bridge was closed and I was not allowed to go on the bike bridge. the car bridges out of the city are crazy, and there is no way I will ride my bikes onto them, so, I turned around and followed the bike path. Wasn't all together bad, since I think most people were inside on saturday avoiding the wind. Below is my bike graph... The ride was meant to be 2:10 endurance, 50 mins tempo.
you will notice the beginning of the ride, with multiple ups and downs. those are stop lights and turn around and riding around in circles. you will also notice the pee break at one hour (oops! forgot to do that prior to leaving!). but.. you will also notice at approximately 1:15 of the ride, the peak moment for me.

when my HR was at 150, and my speed a whopping 8.8 miles/hr (14.6km/hr). my pedals were moving. i, however, was not. :) At first the wind was discouraging. but then, i thought "well, it is not going to be going away. so, you better look at it as a training partner. On race day, you can't just stop when it is windy like this." I also loved how once I turned around, I covered the same distance in about 40 mins as I did in about 1.5 hrs on the way there. just flying. was kinda afraid at some points, from going so fast...

this week is a recovery and race week. WOOOT! so excited to be racing on Sunday! :)


in other news....

I got an email from my mum's co-workers up in Nunavut, yesterday after I got back from church. She has been up in Nunavut for the last couple weeks, covering in social work. She spends about 4-6 months up there a year. The email waiting for me said that she was in the health centre, after having a ski accident. After a number of phone calls, and her being medevac-ed to Iqaluit, we have found out that she definitely has experienced a hip fracture.
She is being medevac'd to Ottawa today, most likely for surgery tonight. So, I am planning on heading out there in the next couple hours.

Falling sucks. Breaking bones sucks. Pain sucks. But, at least ottawa is a lot closer to montreal, than Iqaluit is. 'cause right now (despite the fact that going to baffin island would be amazingly cool), I don't have the time to go to the artic circle. I do, however, have the means of going to ottawa easily.

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